ॐ अाञ्जणेयाय- विद्महे वायुपुत्रा- य धीमहि । 
तन्नो हनुमत् प्रचोदयात्- ।।

If there is one God whom the Vishnavites and the Shivites worship with equal reverence and love, it is Lord Hanuman. This is because He is one of the most famous of Shiva Avataras and also a great Rama bhakta. He is often cited as the classic example of total devotion. At the time of Lord Rama’s coronation at Ayodhya Hanuman asked Rama for a unique boon. He asked for eternal live earth so that he can serve mankind whenever they need Lord Rama’s help in their lives. Hence He is called Sankata Mochan or the one who helps in times of peril.Apart from that He is also worshipped for health, removal of fear and especially as an antidote for all Saturn related troubles.

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