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Mundan Muhurat 2024

Mundan Muhurat, also known as Mundan Sanskar or Chudakarana, is a sacred Hindu ceremony performed on a specific date and time, meticulously chosen by astrologers. This age-old ritual marks the first haircut of a child, symbolising the transition from infancy to early childhood. While the ceremony itself may appear simple, its significance goes far beyond the mundane act of cutting hair. It is believed to harness the celestial energies, aligning the child with the cosmic forces and ensuring a life filled with blessings and prosperity.

In this enlightening journey through the world of Mundan Muhurat, we will explore the profound astrological roots that underpin this ceremony. We’ll delve into the significance of timing, the wisdom of ancient astrologers, and the positive impact it can have on a child’s life. Join us as we unravel the cosmic secrets behind Mundan Muhurat and embrace the ancient wisdom that continues to guide us toward a brighter future. Whether you are a staunch believer or a curious sceptic, the mystique of Mundan Muhurat is sure to leave you intrigued and enlightened.

Importance of Mundan Sanskar in 2024

Mundan Sanskar, also known as the first haircut ceremony, is a cherished ritual in Hindu culture, and its significance transcends generations. Rooted in astrology and the alignment of celestial bodies, this age-old practice holds a profound place in our lives, offering both spiritual and practical insights.

At its core, Mundan Sanskar is a celebration of a child’s transition from infancy to early childhood. However, its deeper essence lies in the belief that the celestial positions at the time of birth play a pivotal role in shaping an individual’s destiny. By conducting this ceremony at a specific auspicious time, parents seek to harmonise their child’s energy with the cosmic forces, ensuring a life filled with prosperity, health, and happiness.

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Significance of Shubh Muhurat for Mundan in 2024

In Hindu tradition, a child’s Mundan ceremony, also known as ‘Chudakarana’ or ‘Tonsure ‘,holds immense significance. It’s the ritual of shaving a child’s head for the first time. Choosing a Shubh Muhurat for this event is essential as it aligns with astrological principles. Astrology plays a pivotal role in guiding us towards favourable cosmic energies. By selecting an auspicious time, we believe it can bring blessings, positivity, and protection to the child.

In 2024, ensuring a Shubh Muhurat for Mundan is a way to harmonise the child’s spiritual journey with the celestial forces, fostering a sense of well-being and prosperity. It’s a beautiful tradition that celebrates a child’s growth and purity while seeking cosmic blessings for a bright future.

Mundan Sanskar In 2024 Muhurat

Mundan Sanskar, a sacred Hindu ritual, celebrates a child’s first haircut. It signifies the shedding of impurities from birth and promotes spiritual growth. In 2024, choosing the right Muhurat (auspicious time) for this ceremony is essential, as it’s believed to enhance the positive energy surrounding the child.

During Mundan, a priest conducts a short ceremony, followed by the hair cutting. The hair is usually offered to a sacred river. Astrologers are often consulted to determine the most auspicious Muhurat, aligning with the child’s birth chart for maximum blessings. Find out muhurat times according to months in given tables.

Mundan Muhurat in January 2024

There are no Muhurat in January 2024 for the Mundan Ceremony.

Mundan Muhurat in February 2024

Day & DateTimeNakshatra
Wednesday, February 1410:43 AM – 12:10 PMAshwini
Monday, February 1906:33 AM – 10:33 AMMrigashirsha
Wednesday, February 2111:28 AM – 01:22 PMPunarvasu
Tuesday, February 2704:30 AM – 06:29 AMHasta
Thursday, February 2904:19 AM – 06:22 AMChitra

Mundan Muhurat in March 2024

Day & DateTimeNakshatra
Friday, March 801:20 AM – 09:58 PMShravana
Monday, March 1810:49 PM – 06:17 AMPunarvasu
Wednesday, March 2006:16 AM – 01:19 PMPushya
Wednesday, March 2706:11 AM – 06:05 AMChitra

Mundan Muhurat in April 2024

Day & DateTimeNakshatra
Wednesday, April 309:47 PM to 05:26 AMShravana
Thursday, April 404:14 PM – 01:29 PMShravana
Monday, April 1505:59 AM – 12:12 PMPunarvasu

Mundan Muhurat in May 2024

Day & DateTimeNakshatra
Friday, May 301:53 AM – 12:41 PMShatabhisha
Friday, May 311:24 PM – 12:06 AMShatabhisha
Friday, May 1010:47 AM – 02:50 AMMrigashirsha
Tuesday, May 1402:50 AM – 05:47 AMPushya
Monday, May 2003:59 PM – 05:45 AMChitra
Friday, May 2407:25 PM – 05:45 AMJyeshta
Thursday, May 3012:43 AM – 11:44 AMDhanishta

Mundan Muhurat in June 2024

Day & DateTimeNakshatra
Friday, June 704:45 PM – 07:43 PMMrigashirsha
Monday, June 1004:15 PM – 09:39 PMPushya
Monday, June 1705:46 AM – 05:39 PMChitra
Wednesday, June 2605:48 AM – 08:55 PMDhanishta

Mundan Muhurat in July 2024

Day & DateTimeNakshatra
Thursday, Jul 404:07 AM – 05:54 AMMrigashirsha
Monday, Jul 805:51 AM – 06:02 AMPushya
Friday, Jul 1204:08 PM – 05:53 AMHasta
Monday, Jul 1507:19 PM – 12:29 AMSwati

Mundan Muhurat in August 2024

There are no Muhurat in August 2024 for the Mundan Ceremony

Mundan Muhurat in September 2024

There are no Muhurat in September 2024 for the Mundan Ceremony

Mundan Muhurat in October 2024

There are no Muhurat in October 2024 for the Mundan Ceremony

Mundan Muhurat in November 2024

There are no Muhurat In November 2024 for the Mundan Ceremony

Mundan Muhurats in December 2024

There are no Muhurats In December 2024 for the Mundan Ceremony

Auspicious timings of Mundan Muhurat 2024

Mundan Sanskar, a sacred Hindu ritual, involves the first head shaving of a child, symbolising purity and new beginnings. Choosing an auspicious Mundan Muhurat is crucial, considering Tithi (lunar day), Nakshatra (constellation), and month.

  • Auspicious months for Mundan Samskara typically include Vaishakh, Jyeshta, and Magha, aligning with favourable planetary positions. These months promote growth, health, and blessings.
  • Selecting auspicious dates (Tithis) for Mundan Sanskar involves avoiding inauspicious ones like Ekadashi and Chaturthi. Pratipada (first day) and Dwitiya (second day) are often preferred.
  • Optimal days for Mundan Sanskar include Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, while Saturday and Tuesday are usually avoided.
  • Auspicious Nakshatras like Rohini, Mrigashira, Chitra, and Swati are preferred for Mundan, ensuring a harmonious and prosperous life ahead.

Benefits of Mundan ceremony in 2024

A Mundan ceremony, also known as a head shaving ceremony, holds immense significance in various cultures, especially in Hinduism. This ritual involves shaving a child’s head, typically within the first few years of life. It offers several benefits:

  • Spiritual Cleansing: Mundan is believed to symbolise the shedding of negative energies and impurities from birth, ensuring a pure start to life.
  • Hair Growth and Texture:It’s believed that shaving the head can lead to thicker, healthier hair growth, making the child’s hair more luxurious.
  • Cooling Effect: Shaved heads are known to help infants stay cooler in hot climates.
  • Aesthetic Appearance: Mundan can enhance a child’s appearance, promoting tidiness and hygiene.
  • Cultural Tradition: It’s a cherished tradition, strengthening cultural ties and family bonds.

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Do & Don’ts to remember in Mundan ceremony 2024

A Mundan ceremony, also known as Chudakarana, is a significant rite of passage in Hindu culture. In 2024, as you prepare for this auspicious event, here are some essential do’s and don’ts to ensure a memorable and harmonious celebration.


  • Choose an Auspicious Date: Consult with an astrologer to select a favorable date based on your child’s birth chart. Astrology plays a vital role in ensuring positive energy.
  • Involve a Priest: Seek the guidance of a knowledgeable priest who can perform the Mundan ceremony according to Vedic rituals and mantras.
  • Purify the Home: Cleanse your home and the ceremony area to create a sacred atmosphere. Use Ganga Jal or holy water to purify the surroundings.
  • Gentle Handling: Handle your child with care during the Mundan process.
  • Donate Hair: After the Mundan, consider donating the hair to a temple or a charitable cause. This act is believed to symbolize purity and selflessness.


  • Avoid Inauspicious Days: Refrain from scheduling the ceremony on inauspicious dates or during periods of solar or lunar eclipses, as they may carry negative energy.
  • Rushing the Ceremony: Don’t rush through the ceremony. Take your time to perform each ritual with devotion and attention to detail.
  • Avoid Arguments: Maintain a harmonious atmosphere during the event. Avoid arguments or conflicts, as they can disrupt the positive energy flow.
  • Sharp Objects: Avoid using sharp or rusty instruments for the Mundan. Use clean and sterilized tools to prevent any harm or infections.
  • Excessive Styling: After the Mundan, resist the urge to style your child’s hair immediately. Allow their hair to grow naturally for some time.

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