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Rahu Transit 2024

Rahu Transit 2024: Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies

In 2024, the much-anticipated Rahu transit will once again take center stage in the world of astrology. Rahu, often seen as a powerful player in Hindu astrology, is about to make its journey through the zodiac signs, and it’s going to affect all of us in some way. This cosmic event takes about 18 months to unfold, so it’s not something that comes and goes in a flash. As Rahu moves through the signs in 2024, you’ll start feeling its impact in your life, too.

During this transit, you might notice a boost in your desire for material success and wealth. If your natal Moon is in the third, sixth, or eleventh houses, you’re in luck – this could bring some good things your way. But be a bit cautious if your natal Moon falls in the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, or twelfth house, as Rahu’s influence there could throw some challenges your way.

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Rahu transit 2024 date and time

Rahu will not transit in any zodiac sign in 2024.

Rahu transit 2024 in 1st house

When the Rahu transit of 2024 takes place in your 1st house, it ushers in a period filled with unique challenges and opportunities for self-discovery. This celestial movement may intensify your desire for material possessions, potentially leading to financial instability if not managed wisely. Moreover, you might encounter sporadic health concerns that could unsettle your mental equilibrium temporarily.

During this transit, you may find it challenging to maintain inner tranquillity, leading to restlessness and a lack of focus in various aspects of your life, be it work, family, or personal matters. It’s crucial to exercise caution and avoid engaging in unlawful activities, as the consequences could be detrimental. Relationships, too, may require extra attention during this phase.


  • Donate black sesame seeds on Saturdays to worship places.

Rahu transit 2024 in 2nd house

The impending Rahu transit in 2024 to your 2nd house from your Moon sign may bring some challenges into your life. This cosmic event can affect both your financial situation and your physical well-being, impacting your married life and expenses. During this time, you might be tempted to overspend on unnecessary items, causing financial difficulties. To manage this, keep a close watch on your spending habits. Strive to maintain harmony in your marriage, as this transit could introduce some turbulence. However, with open communication, you can overcome minor issues for a happier marriage.

Focus on your health during this period and develop healthy habits, particularly if you have existing health concerns. If you’re experiencing eye problems, consult a medical professional promptly.


  • Chant the Rahu Mantra in the morning to reduce transit effects.

Rahu transit 2024 in 3rd house

In 2024, when Rahu moves into your 3rd house, get ready for a boost of optimism and positivity in your life. This period will be a happy and favorable one for you. Your hard work at your job will be recognized and appreciated by your boss, potentially leading to promotions and higher pay. Your colleagues might start seeing you as a role model. Opportunities to build wealth and enjoy good luck will come your way.

If you’ve been stuck in legal battles, this transit could finally turn the tide in your favour. Your bond with siblings will grow stronger, and they’ll stand by your side. With newfound confidence, you’ll finish tasks well before deadlines, earning respect in your community.


  • As for a remedy during this transit, try offering green fodder to cows on Wednesdays.

Rahu transit 2024 in 4th house

When Rahu makes its transit into your 4th house, you’ll experience a mix of good and challenging moments. It’s vital to be cautious, especially regarding land and property matters, as small mistakes can have significant consequences. During this time, your connection with your mother becomes crucial, as she may feel stressed and her health might suffer. Keep a close eye on her well-being.

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When traveling, be extra careful, as the risk of accidents is higher. Consider alternatives to self-driving if possible. On the work front, this transit could open up opportunities for job changes or relocation, so if you’ve been thinking about it, this might be the time to act.


  • To balance the challenges of Rahu’s 2024 transit, a simple remedy is to feed stray dogs.

Rahu transit 2024 in 5th house

As Rahu moves into your 5th house in 2024, it’s like stepping onto a roller coaster of emotions and life changes. This transition could leave you feeling a bit uncertain and worried, especially about your children. On the bright side, your business ventures may catch a lucky break during this time. However, matters of the heart might get a tad complicated if you’re in a romantic relationship, and married life may continue to have its challenges.

To navigate these changes, try to keep open and honest communication with your spouse. Remember, these situations are temporary, and things will eventually settle down.


  • Consider performing Rudrabhishek on Sundays.

Rahu transit 2024 in 6th house

When Rahu moves through your 6th house, exciting opportunities are on the horizon. You have two ways to boost your finances during this time: an unexpected windfall or an inheritance from a loved one. If you’re a business owner, expect increased profits and business growth, expanding your income sources.

This transit also brings a rise in your social status and recognition, which can be advantageous for legal matters, potentially leading to favorable outcomes. Building connections with external parties is wise, and your maternal uncle’s support may prove valuable during this phase.


  • For a beneficial remedy, try regular chanting of the Mercury Beej Mantra.

Rahu transit 2024 in 7th house

Rahu’s transit into your 7th house will bring a mix of challenges and opportunities into your life. It’s a time of unpredictability, so be cautious with your finances to avoid potential losses or scams. In your personal life, conflicts in your marriage may arise, but open and empathetic communication with your spouse can help resolve issues.

Additionally, your partner’s health may require attention, so offer support and understanding. At work, watch out for conflicts with coworkers due to Rahu’s influence, and be mindful of office politics. On the bright side, you might form strong connections with new people who meet or exceed your expectations.


  • Offer female makeup items at a goddess temple on Fridays.

Rahu transit 2024 in 8th house

Rahu’s journey into your 8th house will bring a mix of surprises and challenges your way.

On the bright side, unexpected financial gains may pop up from sources you never saw coming, like ancestral property, valuable jewellery, or a surprise windfall. It’s a prime time for smart investments, likely to pay off handsomely. But here’s the twist: Rahu’s transit also comes with its share of hurdles.

You’ll need to be extra cautious as your vulnerability to illnesses and accidents may increase, causing stress and potentially hefty medical bills. So, while your finances can see gains, they might also face unexpected drains.


  • To smooth this celestial ride, consider daily recitation of the Durga Chalisa.

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Rahu transit 2024 in 9th house

When Rahu makes its transit into your 9th house, a world of opportunities and growth awaits you. It’s a time to broaden your horizons, making it a favourable period to think about studying abroad or exploring job prospects in foreign countries. If you’re a student, getting into your dream university becomes more likely.

Additionally, this transit could spark a newfound interest in spirituality and philosophy. However, remember to balance your spiritual pursuits with taking care of your parents, as their health might need attention during this phase. While this period offers possibilities, there might be occasional setbacks. To ensure a peaceful work environment, steer clear of office politics and stay focused on your goals.


  • Consider a simple act of goodwill: donating black sesame seeds on Saturdays.

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Rahu transit 2024 in 10th house

When Rahu moves into your 10th house in 2024, get ready for some major changes in your career. You’ll likely see exciting opportunities coming your way, potentially boosting your job prospects. Your work style will also shift, and the support from your colleagues will play a significant role in improving your job performance. Your image at work will undergo a transformation, and you’ll establish positive relationships with both superiors and colleagues, fostering a mutually beneficial environment.

This shift may also bring financial stability, but be prepared for occasional moments of confusion or distraction that could impact your decision-making. Keep an eye on your mother’s health, as she might be more vulnerable to illnesses during this time. To make the most of this period, remember these insights as you step into 2024.


  • Consider donating sesame seeds on Saturdays to align yourself with the celestial energies.

Rahu transit 2024 in 11th house

In 2024, when Rahu moves into your 11th house from your Moon sign, it’s bringing a wave of positivity and prosperity to your life. You’ll experience increased happiness and financial gains during this time. Your reputation at work will also get a boost, with recognition from your superiors. In your social circles, both you and your family will gain respect and admiration, enhancing your social standing and image.

Looking at personal aspirations, if you’ve been dreaming of going abroad, this transit might make it a reality. Your home life will be peaceful, and there’s potential for some heartwarming news. If you have children seeking marriage, they may receive multiple proposals and find their ideal partners.


  • Keep a piece of tin with yourself during this transit to enhance its positive effects.

Rahu transit 2024 in 12th house

When Rahu makes its transit through your 12th house, significant opportunities and changes will come your way. You might even consider traveling abroad during this time, which could open up new possibilities for your personal and professional growth. However, be cautious about unexpected financial gains from unconventional sources, as there’s a chance of experiencing losses in your business ventures.

This transition also offers you chances to showcase your skills, but success in your career might not come easily. You may encounter challenges that leave you feeling perplexed. It’s crucial to handle these obstacles wisely.

Moreover, Rahu’s 2024 transit suggests that your self-confidence may increase, but beware of becoming overly confident, which could lead to poor decision-making. While you may face various challenges during this period, maintaining your mental peace is essential, as excessive stress might gradually affect your health. Remember to look after your partner’s well-being too.


  • Eat in the kitchen more often to balance energies during this transit.
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