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Mundan Muhurat 2024

Mundan Muhurat 2024 Mundan Muhurat, also known as Mundan Sanskar or Chudakarana, is a sacred Hindu ceremony performed on a specific date and time, meticulously chosen by astrologers. This age-old ritual marks the first haircut of a child, symbolising the transition from infancy to early childhood. While the ceremony itself may appear simple, its significance […]

Mundan Muhurat 2023

Mundan Muhurat in 2023 Hinduism has a tradition of shaving the child’s hair for the first time after birth. This custom is known as ‘Mundan Sanskar.’ People usually perform this in ‘odd’ years for a boy, i.e., at 3, 5, or 7 and even years for a girl. According to the Mundan Muhurat 2023, the […]

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