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Om Mantra: Meaning, Significance and Benefits

OM is not just a sound but the wave of the Universe. Om is said to be the first sound to be produced in the Universe, and thus chanting OM is supposed to bring many benefits to the native. The sound OM doesn’t have a meaning attached to it. What we mean is that just like every other word, say a flower or mountain, etc. has a meaning, one can’t associate a certain definition to the word OM. The meaning of “OM” (ॐ) is different for each and every one of us. Chanting the Om mantra in astrology is a sacred practice that helps the body and mind to feel energised and positive. The sound of Om is not only considered sacred in Hinduism but also holds a prominent place in other religions such as Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism. As per these religions, the OM mantra connects all the individuals on the planet with the Universe or the supreme power that guides it.

Om Mantra Origin

The sound of OM is associated with the Big Bang. As per astrologers, OM had stemmed from the time when the Universe was coming into reality. Astrologers quote OM as the sound of the creator, which is made of three syllables ‘A,’ ‘U’ and ‘M’. The sound is special because, unlike other sounds that are produced after two objects strike together, OM, on the other hand, can produce vibration on its own. It is believed that when a person chants the OM mantra deeply, the vibration emanating from his or her body gets tuned with the soul, and unifies with the One who is beyond this Universe.


OM (ॐ) – Essence of ‘A’ ‘U’ ‘M’ Vibrations

In the Vedic texts and sculptors, OM is considered both as a sound and a symbol, with powers of its own. It is said to bring wisdom to the native, and when pronounced correctly, it leads to the spreading of hum throughout the body and soul of the native in the form of ‘AUM’ which are the elements of Om mantra in astrology.

A U M as per astrology represents the 3 basic fundamentals of life that are Creation, Preservation and Destruction. When one chants the Om mantra, each of these syllables brings out something or the other in the native.

  • ‘A’ corresponds to waking up in the conscious state of mind called Jagrata.
  • ‘U’ corresponds to the dream or unconscious state of mind called Svapna.
  • ‘M’ meanwhile, corresponds to the deep or profound sleep called Sushupti.

The recitation of the Om Mantra with utmost devotion and pure heart can take the native on a spiritual voyage. The recitation of the OM mantra doesn’t only come with numerous physical benefits but also aids a native’s mental capability to relieve himself of stress and worries by aligning his consciousness with the universe. This is the only reason why OM forms the foundation of numerous mantras in astrology.

Astrological significance of chanting OM

As we said, the OM mantra is the essence of all other mantras, Vedas and rituals in astrology. In fact, if you go to look for it, you will find that mostly all the mantras begin with Om. Om mantra, sometimes also known as the Lord Shiv Mantra, is chanted across ceremonies such as marriage, mundan, while worshipping the deities, and more. The Om Mantra is also recited while meditating to align your thoughts with the heavenly energies.

As per astrologers, the Aum mantra has spiritual powers that ignite the sense of enlightenment in the native. The Aum mantra can be recited by anyone in order to rejuvenate or recharge. The mantra can be recited by anyone to understand the deeper meaning of life and attain peace and unburden oneself.

How to chant the OM mantra

Astrologers say that OM is also known as Pranava or Omkara in Vedic texts. Here, the word Pranava means the Sustainer of life, and Omkara stands for the beginning. Om as a word or mantra has a wide expectation as it is acknowledged by many religions such as Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. It is also adopted as a significant part of Meditation or Yoga.

Millions of people perform OM Mantra chanting to have various benefits. However, only the ones that perform the chanting correctly can have the best of the Om mantra. Having said that, here is the correct way to recite or chant the OM mantra as per the astrologer.

The correct way of chanting the OM mantra

  • To start with, close your eyes and sit cross-legged in a straight posture.
  • Then slowly take a long breath, hold it for a second or two and exhale.
  • With the next breath, start making an “Ooo” sound and stretch it halfway.
  • Now while exhaling the air, bring your lips together to make the sound of “Mmmmm”. Stretch the sound as long as you can.

It has already been mentioned that OM mantra recitation produces different vibrations in your body that reaches from head to toe.

  • The narration of ‘A’ produces an “AAA” vibration that is felt in the stomach, chest and spinal cord region.
  • Meanwhile, chanting the syllable ‘U’ produces “OOO” vibrations. This vibration resonates in your chest. It also creates vibration in the throat and middle part of the body.
  • Lastly, chanting the syllable ‘M’, produces the humming sound of “MMM” in the nasal and brain region. The vibration helps in healing the upper part of the body too.

This way, the cosmic energy of Om Mantra resonates through a person’s whole body hence refreshing it from within to bring positivity to your life.

Om Chanting benefits

As they say, Om is not just any sound but the sound of God. Om is the symbol of the supreme being, and thus reciting the same can give the narrator numerous benefits, right from health to mental benefits. According to Vedic texts and numerous astrologers, here are some of the most noted benefits of Chanting OM as per astrology.

  • The best benefit of Chanting the OM mantra is environmental purification. The mantra tends to purify the environment around you so as to help you create a positive atmosphere for yourself.
  • Your bond with the universe – and thus its energies – tend to increase if you chant the OM mantra with devotion.
  • Chanting the OM Mantra helps you concentrate better.
  • As OM Mantra is said to have self-healing powers, the mantra not only energies you but also improves your immunity.
  • The chanting of the OM Mantra produces a vibration in the vocal cord of the native. The vibrations open up the sinuses to clear the airways.
  • The chanting of the OM mantra brings the native into the meditational state, which helps bring relaxation to the mind, body and soul.
  • The chanting of the OM mantra not only benefits the native who chants it but also those around him as the vibration flows in all the directions.
  • When you chant the OM mantra, you enter into a state of relaxation. The coating thus aids better heart activity and slows down your blood pressure. These are some of the cardiovascular benefits of chanting the OM mantra.
  • Om chanting is a good exercise if you want to strengthen your vocal cords. It gives strength to the muscles around your vocal chord, which is very helpful during old age.
  • Astrologers suggest that the native must rub his or her hands while chanting the OM mantra and keep on different parts of the body as doing so heals or activates those body parts.
  • Through chanting the OM mantra, you form a firm control over your emotions. This helps the native have better control over his emotions. This is for someone who has anger issues or gets irritated easily.
  • Regular chanting of the OM Mantra aids your spiritual journey to greater happiness and positivity. However, this shall only happen to those who chant the mantra regularly for a longer period of time with the correct techniques involved.
  • One of the best ways to chant the OM mantra is in a group. When the mantra is chanted in a group, the effects of it are amplified, and this will produce immense positive vibrations.
  • Believe it or not, it is a major belief among astrologers that chanting the OM mantra is healthy for the skin as it helps it cleanse it. The internal positive energy that the Mantra chanting creates in the native ends up reflecting externally with a sunny glow on your face and body.
  • Another health benefit of chanting the OM Mantra is that it helps strengthen the spinal cord by creating the vibration sound of Aaaa.
  • The sound uuu is created by vocal cords, which benefit the thyroid glands.
  • Astrologers suggest that if you are in the spiritual eye while chanting the OM Mantra, your eyesight will start improving, which, honestly, is something we all need these days.

If you seek to know more about the OM mantra, you can talk to our astrologers.

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