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Moon Transit 2023

Moon Transit 2023 Dates, Time, Prediction & Remedies In astrology, the planet Moon represents the emotions and cognitive levels of a person. Also, it indicates how you display affection and devotion to others, as well as how you expect them to do the same. The Moon transit 2023 impacts our inner world and shows multiple […]


Ketu Transit 2023

Ketu Transit 2023: Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies Ketu is an imaginary node, but it is a powerful planet. When it hosts the transit through different houses, it influences the resident house and provides results accordingly. It is a malefic planet with negative consequences in many houses, including 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, […]


Rahu Transit 2023

Rahu Transit 2023: Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies Rahu and Ketu are regarded as shadow planets in ancient Hindu astrology. Even though Rahu is one of the most powerful planets and has distinctive importance, it stays in each zodiac sign for around 18 months. Consequently, Rahu transit 2023 in Pisces shall affect all the signs […]


Saturn Transit 2023

Saturn Transit 2023 Date, Time, and Predictions Saturn is a giant planet, and it is far away from Earth as compared to other planets. According to astrology, it moves very slowly. Thus, the Saturn transit takes about 2.5 years in each zodiac sign. In fact, due to this planet, difficulties come in the life of […]


Venus Transit 2023

Venus Transit 2023 Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies In astrology, Venus is known to be a benefic planet, which controls human traits such as beauty, pleasures, relationships, and love, along with fine things in life such as travel and all other sorts of luxuries. The planet Venus is considered to know both material and spiritual […]


Jupiter Transit 2023

Jupiter Transit 2023 Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies As per Vedic astrology, the transit of Jupiter in any zodiac sign leads to life’s progress. Jupiter is the Guru of all the Gods, and the Guru plays an essential role in everyone’s life. Guru is the giver of knowledge. It is considered the karaka of knowledge, […]


Mercury Transit 2023

Mercury Transit 2023 Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies According to astrology, the planet Mercury symbolizes the native’s intelligence, knowledge, expressions, and communication skills. This planet is generally considered neutral or stable, as it neither has beneficial nor harmful effects. Moreover, according to astrologers, Mercury either shares the same house as the Sun or is situated […]


Mars Transit 2023 Dates & Time, Free Predictions with Remedies

Mars Transit 2023: Dates, Time, Predictions & Remedies Based on the fundamentals of Vedic astrology, every planetary transit has its significance; It can provide both positive and negative impacts on our lives based on its placement in our moon sign. Planetary position and transits hold a remarkable role and are responsible for all the pessimists […]

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