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Mercury Transit 2023

Mercury Transit 2023 Date, Time, Predictions & Remedies

According to astrology, the planet Mercury symbolizes the native’s intelligence, knowledge, expressions, and communication skills. This planet is generally considered neutral or stable, as it neither has beneficial nor harmful effects. Moreover, according to astrologers, Mercury either shares the same house as the Sun or is situated in the house next to the Sun. This article will give detailed predictions of how Mercury transit 2023 can affect your life— business, career, education, love, family life, etc., based on the house from the natal Moon.

Mercury needs about 12 months to complete its transit in a zodiac sign. So, as per the calculations, it stays for 30 days in each zodiac sign, which furthermore depends on the factor that its movement is straight or retrograde. Mercury gives promising results from where the Moon is situated in the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, tenth, and eleventh house at the time of birth. In the remaining places, i.e., on the first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth house, the Moon effect will be mixed or negative.

Mercury transit 2023 date & time

Date & DayTransiting FromTransiting ToTime
February 07, TuesdaySagittariusCapricorn07:38 AM
February 27, MondayCapricornAquarius04:55 PM
March 16, ThursdayAquariusPisces10:54 AM
March 2023 31, FridayPiscesAries03:01 PM
June 07, WednesdayAriesTaurus07:58 PM
June 24, SaturdayTaurusGemini12:48 PM
July 08, SaturdayGeminiCancer12:19 PM
July 25, TuesdayCancerLeo04:38 AM
October 01, SundayLeoVirgo08:45 PM
October 19, ThursdayVirgoLibra01:23 AM
November 06, MondayLibraScorpio04:32 PM
November 27, MondayScorpioSagittarius06: 02 AM
December 28, TuesdaySagittariusScorpio10.39 AM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Mercury transit in 2023 on all 12 houses.

Mercury transit 2023 in 1st house

When Mercury will transit from the natal Moon to the first house, it shall increase the stress level in the life of the natives. On one side, it shall give pessimistic results to the natives. However, on the other hand, the person might indulge in evil deeds. In fact, there is a high chance that because of this planetary transit in 2023, you might not get proper support from your friends. Not only this, but as a result of this transit in your horoscope, you might also suffer from financial loss, leading to a lack of confidence in things around you. Ahead, with the Mercury transit 2023, natives possess a high probability to turn into bad company, which can get them into serious problems.

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Moreover, because of the Budh Gochar 2023, you might succumb to mental pain too, which in turn can make you an over spender and face issues because of it. Furthermore, there could be more health issues in line. Thus, your nonchalant approach toward health should be avoided, and it is essential to contact the doctor immediately as soon as the symptoms appear. Since this time will be hard for you, you must stay more conscious while talking to others. Also, keep your temper under control and avoid significant disputes. Refrain from long-distance travel these days too.


  • Gift green bangles or a sari to the old lady of the family.

Mercury transit 2023 in 2nd house

Movement of planet Mercury in 2023 in the second house will enhance your income. During this period, natives will be recognized with appreciation from their colleagues and friends for their work. Moreover, as per the predictions, you shall effortlessly make whatever you have been urged to learn for a long time successful. In this regard, this time will be favorable for the students to acquire knowledge. New opportunities will follow you to those employed or running your own business. You can learn a lot about your career from your coworkers. Your motivation for your work will remain high as a result, and you’ll advance more and more every day.

Since you tend to be enthusiastic these days, you will work energetically. As a result, your income is at a higher level. The relations of family members towards you will be good. Moreover, during the Budh Gochar 2023, you shall be more inclined to share a company with good people during this period. You will enjoy all the worldly pleasures. Ahead, the predictions say that you will get a chance to do philanthropic work, increasing your prestige in society. This will blossom your inner happiness. Due to your nature, people will automatically be attracted to you. The health of any of your relatives may fall into square one. Younger brothers and sisters’ health may be a primary concern for you. So take care of them.


  • Make sure to apply sandalwood tilak on your forehead before leaving the house.

Mercury transit 2023 in 3rd house

With the Mercury transit 2023 in the 3rd house, you may experience some weakness and deterioration in health. With things not-so-good in your life, you might confront some frustration and despair. Your enemies might take advantage of your fragility and try to obstruct your success path, so it is essential to prepare to face these all in advance. Also, our astrologers say that it is not a favorable transit to travel and your dispute with your spouse may also escalate. You should keep keen observation while shooting words to avoid abusive comments and maintain control over your rage. Moreover, it would be great for you to avoid unwanted matters which may lead to unnecessary controversy.

Ahead, the planetary transit says that you will experience difficulties in all of your relationships at this time, be it a colleague or a relative. Additionally, you ought to refrain from arguing with superiors. There may also be some financial unrest due to high expenditure. You will, however, establish connections with new people throughout this time that will be very advantageous to you. Despite this, you may suffer from mental stress and depression. The native should avoid long-distance travel at this time. Overall, this transit in 2023 will provide mixed results for the native.


  • Wearing emeralds on the little finger can be propitious for you.

Mercury transit 2023 in 4th house

With the movement of Mercury in the third house of your Kundli, new opportunities related to their income stability shall be there. Moreover, those who wish to do something in professional life shall possess a progressive and favorable time in academics. Natives who have recently applied for an internship can get a call from there. There are even chances that you get exposure by learning new skills. Success in competitive exams is in the predictions too. However, natives have to put in their assiduous effort. The more you labor, the more you can extend your hands on success. According to the predictions, regarding investment purposes, this is a good time for you, especially in real estate, as there are chances of getting good returns too.

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In your personal life, your spouse might be able to provide you with certain privileges. Your mind will remain calm, and you will enjoy success in your endeavors. As a result of all the good times, you shall attain acknowledgment and appreciation on the professional front. Also, your colleagues will come to you for your valuable opinion and in return, you would be highly helpful to them in every possible manner. You will appear satisfied with your life during this time and your mother shall be proud of your achievements. Your contact list will grow as new people will add and they will gain a lot from meeting you. Overall, this is a progressive period for the natives.


  • Feed lentils to birds.
  • Avoid consumption of meat and alcohol.

Mercury transit 2023 in 5th house

When 2023 Mercury transit will occur from the natal Moon to the fifth house, you may face various health-related problems. This transit will not prove to be good, especially for children and might bring hassles in their life, so be vigilant about how you deal with them. Further, the predictions say that during this period, things might not go as planned with your spouse. You may argue with your spouse and have opinionated differences with other family members. So be mindful of your language and refrain from babbling.

This time, it is advised not to attempt to construct your justice. You may lose your job at this period. Expenses will increase, which you will have to try to curb yourself. Ahead, natives will remain worried about their financial condition. Additionally, there is a chance of losing money in the investment that the native would have made. In such a situation, it is imperative to avoid discouraging people. Refrain from arguments with anyone. Students preparing for a competitive exam will not get results according to their hard work. Therefore, the Budh Gochar in 2023 suggests you put more effort and focus on academics during this period.


  • Apply auspicious white sandalwood on your forehead.
  • Read the Bhagavata Purana.

To get a detailed Kundli analysis, Chat with Astrologer

Mercury transit 2023 in 6th house

The transit of Mercury from the natal Moon to the sixth house will serve success and victory in all endeavors. The business will expand, knowledge will enhance, and you shall profit from various sources. Along with it, you will also observe progress in your studies. All in all, your life shall be full of prosperity and luxury. However, the advice that comes with it is that you must take proper rest in life instead of worrying about any money-related problems. Ahead, as per the predictions, time will be in full favor of you and your money will follow you as per your hard work.

Also, during the Mercury transit in 2023, your health will continue to be in good shape. But, for the same to stay the way it is, you must exercise regularly and keep doing routine checkups. This time will also be perfect for you to acquire knowledge from many places and work on things that enhance this sector in your life. You can also get the benefit of pursuing higher education abroad and your work efficiency will increase. Furthermore, natives can expect multiple material pleasures during this transit and a drastic increase in their happiness because of the same. Your relations will remain normal. However, there might be some disagreements, which you should address with patience.


  • You should chant the Budh Beej Mantra
  • Worship planet Mercury.
  • Chant Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Mercury transit 2023 in 7th house

With the 2023 Mercury transit in this house, there shall be a breach in all your connections, including family members and colleagues. However, your superiors begin seeking the errors in your work. Due to all these reasons, you will find yourself alone and beset with despair. Not only this, but during the transit period in 2023, you will have to face opposition from your near and dear ones, and your children will also be part of this game. Your health shall see the impacts fiercely due to mental disturbance. Furthermore, health concerns for your spouse and children will remain. Nevertheless, you should get proper treatment and take other house members to the doctor.

For good health, you should establish better communication with your family members, which helps avoid the feeling of negligence. Ahead, the Mercury transit in 2023 predicts some hard times for natives, if traveling. Therefore, make sure you avoid such situations. However, on the other hand, if you possess plans to visit an old friend, it would be a great idea as it will help you feel satisfied and rejuvenated throughout this time. Also, emphasize more on communication with your partner and best friends. You can use the power of words to advise others or make peace with the people in your life.


  • Keep fast on Wednesday.
  • Donate things related to the planet Mercury such as whole moong, spinach, green grass, etc.

Mercury transit 2023 in 8th house

Having the Budh Gochar 2023 in the eighth house, your respect and image among the people will increase and you shall enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Not only will you lend the full support of your life partner, but you will also experience much love from your children. At this time, you may also welcome a new member to your family. The dream of the natal wishing to have children can finally come true. If we see the professional side of your life, even if Mercury is in your favor, still make decisions wisely. However, whatever choice you make now will only be in your best interests.

Due to the favorable impacts of the Mercury transit 2023, there is more possibility of progress on the career front. All these things shall help you earn a good income and succeed financially. You will also enjoy much mental peace and win over the opposition. In fact, during this period, your financial planning and strategy will prove beneficial for you. If you possess plans to tell your loved ones any profound secrets you’ve been keeping to yourself up until now, do it during this time as it will deepen your intimacy with them and strengthen the relationship.


  • Gift a sari to a needy or the oldest lady in the house.
  • While leaving the house, apply auspicious white sandalwood on your forehead.

Mercury transit 2023 in 9th house

The transit of planet Mercury in the ninth house of your horoscope shall mark the beginning of a relatively less fortunate period. A dispute with your father may occur related to your love relationship. For the time being, he will not agree to anything about you. You have to wait till suitable times to come to persuade them. Moreover, if you want to establish a startup and know your father’s opinion about this, wait for some time as nobody will easily understand your point at this time. In fact, there is a high chance that your trivial talk can turn into an unnecessary controversy.

Ahead, as per the predictions of Mercury transit 2023, there shall be some financial losses during this period, which increases your mental burden. Disagreements with your spouse over specific issues may arise in marital relationships, which will impact your relationship. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you maintain balance in every situation. Also, if work pressures you tirelessly, handle every single thing with calmness and a sound mind. Plus, don’t get discouraged, and keep trying. Also, this is an excellent period to constrain expenses and consider savings. So, avoid long-distance travel as much as possible.


  • To strengthen the planet Mercury, donate things related to the planet like whole moong, spinach, green grass, etc.

Mercury transit 2023 in 10th house

When Mercury will transit from the natal Moon to the tenth house, you shall experience a stronger inclination toward spirituality. This is going to be an enjoyable period for you and will lead you toward a satisfying life. Your career will approach in the right direction, and your income will also rise. Furthermore, the predictions say that if you wish to start a career, then choose the career field wisely during this period as the chances of success are very high, but with the right exploration. Your relations with your spouse will also be sweet and happy. You might even have the opportunity to interact with a new person. This meeting will be beneficial for you.

Ahead, as per the Mercury transit 2023, on one hand, every opponent of yours will become challenging. However, on the other hand, you may quickly destroy them. Your social status will also improve during this period. It will accumulate your mental peace and you can accomplish all the goals you have set for yourself in the past. If you have your own business, it will expand. Treating your family members will benefit you, and they will always be willing to assist you. There are indications of travel to pilgrim places during this period.


  • To make Mercury transit favorable, keep a fast on Wednesday.

Mercury transit 2023 in 11th house

With the movement of planet Mercury in the eleventh house of your horoscope, you will get a chance to enjoy many material comforts throughout this time. Your brothers and friends especially will be your pillars of strength. Moreover, the transit predictions in 2023 foretell that you will get an opportunity to expand your skills, although you can bring to light the new talent hidden inside you. If you want, you can choose it as your career field.

Also, the predictions say that with the transit happening in this house, you shall have strong communication skills. This will help you with your career and other professional things. Your sources of income may increase during this period. Also, you will not face any health-related problems. Additionally, you’ll cherish having a friend of the opposite sex around. These days someone is irresistibly attracted to you, which may develop in your deep relationship.


  • Chant the Budh Beej Mantra.
  • Donate Mercury-related items for their auspicious effect.

Mercury transit 2023 in 12th house

In 2023, planet Mercury transit in the twelfth house will be malefic for the natives. There may be a loss of money and health. You won’t be able to communicate openly about yourself during this period with anyone. Moreover, you shall feel highly burdened, turning back and forth to discover the reasons behind your current circumstances. Therefore, you must understand that with time everything changes, so don’t be too disappointed. For a calm mind, you should meditate and spend time doing yoga.

It’s undoubtedly worthwhile to examine the past to improve the future, as long as you don’t waste your energy on guilt. Creative projects land on success. At times some natives try their hand at activities like poetry, art, and acting. You will be able to do well in these. You may go abroad during this period but do not expect desired results. Your rivals may try to obstruct you. There may also be chances to have a rift with your spouse. Maintain a calm nature in relationships because these things can significantly impact your mental health.


  • Worship Lord Vishnu.
  • Worship planet Mercury.

To know the effects of Mercury transit 2023 in your horoscope, Talk to astrologer


How long do Mercury transits last?

A typical Mercury transit shall be for a several hours. It takes days to move from one zodiac sign to another. Hence, its impact on your horoscope could be short-living less impactful than the major transits. 

Can Venus and Mercury transit together in 2023?

Yes, it can happen. Such a case shall bring extraordinary changes in the life of the natives— positively and negatively.

What Mercury signs go well together?

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius go well together with each other and make the best partners in friendship as well as in love. 

How long does Mercury stay in each zodiac sign?

Planet Mercury could be in a zodiac sign for a few days or approximately a month.

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