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Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2023

Who does not wish for their own house? Today every person desires to have their own residence. However, a Griha Pravesh ceremony before entering the house is what people prefer for auspiciousness in their living place. And because it is one of the most vital moments in the life of an individual, Shubh Graha Pravesh Muhurat in 2023 is what you must consider when entering the new home so that there will be no misfortune in residence and new life in their new house.

In addition, to achieve the dream of a valuable, successful house, the Griha Pravesh or housewarming must be performed in the new home or the old house, if entering again. The reason is that entering your house in auspicious Lagna and Tithi brings happiness, peace, and opulence into your house. The Griha Pravesh Muhurat is calculated based on Tithi, Days, Lagna, and Nakshatra or constellations. Like any other meaningful moment, Griha Pravesh is also a vital ceremony. Let us read in detail about the Shubh Muhurats in 2023 for Griha Pravesh.

Importance of Graha Pravesh Muhurat in Hinduism

Like other auspicious work, one must consider the Shubh muhurat from a priest or experienced astrologer to attain fulfillment. In other words, according to the Hindu religion, veneration, worship, etc., has to be performed in the house, followed by all rituals before entering a new home. Hence, the resident does not face obstacles in their new house, although happiness and peace prevail in their home.

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Let us tell you that, like any other meaningful moment, the Griha Pravesh, or housewarming ceremony, is an auspicious ritual many people observe before entering a new abode. Despite all this, few people conduct the ceremony considering lucky or auspicious days. That’s why they abstain from trouble in their life.

According to Vedic texts, the significance of Griha Pravesh ceremony in 2023:

  • According to Vedic scriptures, the month of Magha, Phalguna, Vaishakha, and Jyeshtha are considered immensely propitious for Griha Pravesh.
  • The Griha Pravesh ceremony is forbidden during the four months or Chaturmas, i.e., during the month of Ashadha, Shravana, Bhadrapada, and Ashwin. The reason is that this period is the time of sleeping and resting for all Gods and Goddesses, including Lord Vishnu. Other than these months, the month of Paush is also considered inauspicious for House warming.
  • Griha Pravesh can be done on all other days except Tuesday. Nevertheless, in certain circumstances, it is restricted to entering a new home on Sundays and Saturdays.
  • Except for Amavasya and Poornima, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi, Dwadashi, and Trayodashi of Shukla Paksha are considered propitious for the Griha Pravesh ceremony.
  • Griha Pravesh should perform in a certain ascendant or Lagna. The optimistic Muhurat for this auspicious event is evaluated based on the position of the Sun from your birth Nakshatra or constellation. For instance, if it is situated in the fifth and ninth house from your zodiac sign, then the period is pessimistic about housewarming. However, if it is in the sixth and eighth house from your zodiac sign, then this period is highly optimistic for Griha Pravesh.

When to perform Griha Pravesh in 2023?

Let us tell you that as per Griha Pravesh Muhurat 2023, you can conduct Griha Pravesh Sanskar in the following scenarios:

  • Suppose you purchased or built a new house and are entering your home for the first time. In such a situation, you should perform Apoorva Griha Pravesh.
  • However, if you have returned or stayed away from your home with your family for some unforeseen reason, and after a break, when you move back to your house, you should perform Sapoorva Griha Pravesh with devotion.
  • If you and your family helplessly leave your home because of the natural calamity, then you should carry out Dwandhav Griha Pravesh Sanskar.

Read in detail the Griha Pravesh Muhurat in 2023 as per the Hindu calendar.

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in January 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
January 25, Wednesday08:05 PM to 26 January 07.12 AMUttara Bhadrapada
January 27, Friday09:10 AM to 06:37 PMRevati
January 30, Monday10:10 PM to 31 January 07:10 AMRohini

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in February 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
February 01, Wednesday07:10 AM to 02:01 PMMrigashirsha
February 08, Wednesday08:15 PM to 09 February 06:23 AMUttaraphalguni
February 10, Friday00:18 AM to 11 February 07:03 AMChitra
February 22, Wednesday06:54 AM to 23 February 03.24 AMUttara Bhadrapada

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in March 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
March 08, Wednesday06:39 AM to 09 March 04:20 AMUttaraphalguni
March 10, Friday06:37 AM to 09:42 PMChitra
March 13, Monday09:27 PM to 14 March 06:33 AMAnuradha
March 17, Friday06:29 AM to 18 March 02.46 AMUttarashada

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in May 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
May 06, Saturday09:13 PM to 07 May 05:36 AMAnuradha
May 15, Monday09:08 AM to 16 May 01:03 AMUttara Bhadrapada
May 20, Saturday09:30 PM to 21 May 05:27 AMRohini
May 22, Monday05:27 AM to 10:37 AMMrigashirsha
May 29, Monday11:49 AM to 30 May 4:29 AMUttara Phalguni
May 31, Wednesday06:00 AM to 01:45 PMChitra

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in June 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
June 12, Monday10:34 AM to 13 June 05:23 AMUttara Bhadrapada, Revati

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in November 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
November 17, Friday01:17 am to 18 November 06:46 AMUttara Ashadha
November 22, Wednesday06:37 PM to 23 November 06:50 AMUttara Bhadrapada
November 23, Thursday06:50 AM to 08:01 PMUttara Bhadrapada, Revati
November 27, Monday02:45 PM to 28 November 06:54 AMRohini
November 29, Wednesday06:54 AM to 01:59 PMMrigashira

Griha Pravesh Muhurats in December 2023

DateShubh MuhuratNakshatra
December 08, Friday08:54 AM to 09 December 06:31 AMChitra
December 15, Friday08:10 AM to 10:30 PMUttarashada
December 21, Thursday09:37 AM to 09:09 PMRevathi

Types of Griha Pravesh as per Vastu

It generally states that entering a new house is only considered a housewarming ceremony, which is incorrect. According to Vastu Shastra, there are mainly three types of Griha Pravesh are there:

Apoorva : When one enters a new house, it is called Apoorva Griha Pravesh.

Sapoorva : Because of some reasons, a person stays at another place and leaves his house vacant. After a few times, when they return to their home, it is called Sapoorva Griha Pravesh.

Dwandhav : If a person leaves his house helplessly due to natural calamity or some other purpose. They will have to perform Griha Pravesh Puja Vidhi to live again in their house, known as Dwandhav Griha Pravesh.

Most auspicious timings in 2023 Griha Pravesh Muhurat

  • Shubh Nakshatra : Astrotalk astrologer usually considers many factors while calculating the Muhurat for Griha Pravesh 2023. The most prominent of them are the constellations. The most auspicious yogas are Uttara Bhadrapada, Uttara Phalguni, Rohini, Chitra, Mrigashira, Revati, Anuradha, Pushya, Shatabhisha, Swati, and Dhanishta Nakshatra.
  • Months : According to the Hindu calendar, some months are best for housewarming in 2023. You can plan Griha Pravesh Puja 2023 in Magha, Falgun, Vaishakh, and Jyeshtha months.

Inauspicious timings for Griha Pravesh in 2023

You are performing the Graha Pravesh ceremony in any significant eclipse, whether a lunar or solar eclipse, is not advisable. In these circumstances, you should procrastinate or postpone your planning any other day. Also, ensure you do not plan Graha Pravesh in the lunar months. Moreover, going to a new abode in Chaturmas, i.e., Ashada, Shravana, Bhadrapada, and Ashwin, is very inauspicious. Although, it would not be a great idea to plan the Griha Pravesh ceremony in Paush month in 2023.

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Griha Pravesh 2023: Essential points to remember

Before moving to your new home or re-entering the old house, make sure you keep these few things in your mind for Griha Pravesh 2023:

  • If construction work is still ongoing, do not plan the housewarming ceremony. Ensure you enter the home when it is ready and that every piece of work, including paintwork, fittings, etc., has been completed.
  • To remove all the negative energies from the house, organize Havan and Vastu Puja with Navagraha Shanti Vidhi.
  • Do not leave the house unoccupied or padlocked for at least 40 days after entering the house.
  • Make sure you serve food to the priests, family, and friends you have invited to your Griha Pravesh ceremony in 2023.
  • Let us tell you that while setting up the idol for worship, you should consider Vastu.
  • Also, clean everything and purify the place where you will perform the pooja for Griha Pravesh.

Benefits of performing the 2023 Griha Pravesh ceremony

There are many benefits of performing the Griha Pravesh ceremony and performing Griha Pravesh Puja:

  • With the relevant housewarming Muhurat and whole-hearted worship, you can annihilate all the evil energies from the house.
  • Worshipping helps to cleanse the aura of your house and allows all the family members to start with an optimistic and peaceful mind with positive energy.
  • Furthermore, it sweeps off all Vastu defects or any other adverse effects from your residence.
  • It welcomes good fortune in the home and brings luck to everyone in the family.
  • Try not to close your main door with a lock after Griha Pravesh, as it can make your house prone to negative energies.

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Significance of Vastu Shanti for home

Vastu Shastra is an ancient source of Indian science that specifies the importance of directions. The word ‘Vastu’ means a place where divinity and human beings live together. The human body comprises five elements, and Vastu for the home is related to these elements. According to Vastu, the supreme being belonged in every direction. Positive energy from every order brings happiness, peace, and opulence into one’s life. That is why one must do Vastu Puja and Shanti before entering the house.

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