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Saturn Transit 2023

Saturn Transit 2023 Date, Time, and Predictions

Saturn is a giant planet, and it is far away from Earth as compared to other planets. According to astrology, it moves very slowly. Thus, the Saturn transit takes about 2.5 years in each zodiac sign. In fact, due to this planet, difficulties come in the life of the native. They may face many challenges, even in simple work. Different restrictions and obstacles come in the way. Unnecessary delays and rejection from many places are also faced at this time. However, the Saturn transit 2023 in the horoscope doesn’t need to emit difficulties in the person’s life. Sometimes it gives positive results too.

For example, if the Moon is placed in the 3rd, 6th, and 11th house at the time of birth, then Saturn can give positive results. It is generally inauspicious in other houses, i.e., 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12 from the natal Moon.

General impacts of Saturn transit 2023

As per Vedic astrology, Saturn’s transits and cycles can be observed as cycles of achievement and maturity. When Saturn is present in the house, that period should feel like a lesson, and try to learn a lot from it. During this time, everything slows down, such as the rate of progress, leading you to despair and dullness in life and the pressure of anything hitting the mental level.

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When looking at the other side, these challenges compel us to face the reality of life. In this due course, it allows us to make independent decisions and provides an opportunity to gain ample knowledge.

Although the transit of Saturn in 2023 might make lives difficult, it is also true that during this period, a person gets a chance to understand and know their inner strength. Along with this, natives also learn to make the most of their potential during this period. When we approach the situation with the perspective mentioned above, Saturn’s transit plays a crucial role in everyone’s life.

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Saturn transit 2023 date and time

Date & DayTransiting FromTransiting ToTiming
17 January 2023, TuesdayCapricornAquarius08:02 PM

Shani nakshatra transit 2023

Date & DayTransit NakshatraTiming
15 March 2023, WednesdayShatabhisha03:33 AM
15 October 2023, SundayDhanishta04.49 AM
15 March 2023, WednesdayShatabhisha03:33 AM
24 November 2023, FridayShatabhisha03.04 PM

Let us now read in detail the effects of Saturn transit in 2023 in all the houses.

Saturn transit 2023 in 1st house

Saturn transit 2023 in the first house from the natal moon would be the inception of the second phase of the Sade Sati, i.e., the 7 1⁄2 years of Saturn. From the beginning, misfortune shall start in the life of the natives, fate would its back on their life and they might feel loneliness and solitude. It will only impact the personal life but also the working life of people with such a situation in their Kundli. Native’s every attempt may not be able to land success. Even if he gives a proposal, it often shall get rejected. Moreover, the Shani Gochar 2023 will be filled with troubles for the native. Thus, you just need to maintain your patience. Also, be prepared to face every lousy phase and all the vital work that will be performed during this period may get delayed.

Ahead, the predictions say your health may also become the primary concern as it will be negatively affected. Therefore, do not be careless about your health during this period. Contact your doctor immediately whenever required. Not only this, even if the health of any member in the house deteriorates, you should remain alert and show them to the doctor immediately. Furthermore, you may need emotional support the most. So stay in touch with your loved ones and share your thoughts. Perhaps their association will help you in increasing your self-confidence. Not only this, but your loved ones will also help to an extent in staying away from problems such as despair and depression, etc. The fortunate thing is that you get ample support from your relatives during this crisis, which will help you overcome the problems.


  • Feed milk and roti to black dogs on Saturdays evening to reduce their suffering and eliminate the malefic effects of Shani.
  • Avoid the consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food.
  • Feed fruits to monkeys. It will enhance the chances of achieving prosperity.
  • Offering sweet milk to the roots of a banyan tree gives you optimistic results in education and health.

Saturn transit 2023 in 2nd house

Usually, Saturn transit does not bring good luck to any house. Thus, Shani Gochar in 2023 will cover the second house with harmful effects and results. The mind of the person will keep wandering and they will face different challenges in getting stable in one place. Not just this, even your personal life will be into multiple many ups and downs. There are also chances of turmoil in the relationship, especially with your spouse. Thus, you should sweep petty issues under the carpet. Although, you have to control your words. Some situations may compel you to ignore your spouse’s words to keep a smooth relationship and try to avoid arguments with your spouse. Else the problem will lead you to scatter the relationship. Not only this, but your relationship with your siblings may also deteriorate. Therefore, the predictions suggest you be extra cautious of adverse conditions and build cordial relationships with all your loved ones.

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Talking about your career, the 2023 Saturn transit in 2nd house is less likely to show you a successful time. Thus, it would be in your best favor to try hard to prove yourself in the office. It might look like many of your attempts went in vain, which is why your mind will remain restless. Nevertheless, always hold hope, and soon you shall reap the result of your hard work. During this 2023 planetary transit impacts on your financial conditions will be there too. If you already have some savings, then the possibility of spending them will be available. However, try not to spend extravagantly or get fooled by anyone else.


  • Go barefoot to the temple continuously for 43 days. You will gain positive results from it.
  • Apply a tilak of curd or milk on the forehead daily.

Saturn transit 2023 in 3rd house

During the movement of planet Saturn in the third house of your birth chart, you will regain the confidence you lost some time back. Also, as a result of the same, you shall feel an acceleration in your self-confidence and enhancement in your personality. Moreover, the Saturn transit 2023 will bring you a strong possibility of success in your career and professional sector. Interestingly, it would be a great period for you to start a new business for yourself. If you are a working professional for a long time, new opportunities will cross your path soon.

Ahead, according to the 2023 Saturn transit in the 3rd house, if any property-related legislation matter has been pending for a long time, the decision will come in your favour. Moreover, as per the predictions, the time will align all good things for you, which will make you happy and confident. In relationships and love matters, you shall attain stability and develop an understanding. Some natives will share more excellent bonding with parents and their siblings than before. Your opponents might scheme against you; however, they would taste the failure. Despite this, you must be cautious to some extent, especially your words, before shooting. Overall, the family atmosphere has happiness.


  • Feed three dogs to reduce the malefic effects of Shani in your horoscope.
  • Donate free eye medicine to the needy.

Saturn transit 2023 in 4th house

With the transit of Saturn in the fourth house of your natal chart in 2023, you shall face Shani Dhaiya, which would make you confront financial ups and downs every now and then. You may face a crisis during this time, and health-related problems can also hinder your progress. Therefore, according to the predictions for planetary transit 2023, you should not only avoid unnecessary expenditures but also focus more on the savings you have made so far. Ahead, in the malefic results of the Saturn transit, you may suffer loss in terms of property. So if a decision is pending in the court, try to postpone court cases for the time being.

Ahead, the 2023 Saturn transit in the 4th house predicts that the natives must stay very cautious, as there could be a risk of accidents. Thus, whenever or wherever you travel, follow the traffic rules. It is also recommended to be careful even while crossing the road. Discord and controversies will lift heads both in the workplace and at home. The road to success reserves some turns for you. You will have to fight against many obstacles to capture your dreams. Despite all this, you have to be patient, keep your mind steady and do your best to handle every situation.


  • Give milk to snakes, feed milk or rice to crows or buffaloes. This will help in fighting the evil effects of Saturn.
  • Pour some milk into the well to cure Shani Dosh.
  • Pouring some wine into running water is also propitious.

Saturn transit 2023 in 5th house

With the 2023 transit of Saturn in the 5th house, several problems will arise in the life of the natives. This period may affect your marriage life too. As a result of it, things will not be under you or your partner’s control. This mental disturbance may leak into your relationship with your business partner, directly affecting your business. So, if you wish to run your business in the right direction and grow more, it is vital that you do not let your business get affected. Therefore, the Saturn transit 2023 suggests you communicate with your partner politely. Moreover, maintain the same in your personal life. In fact, it would be great for you to approach the situation with patience.

Ahead, with this planetary transit in 2023, you also have to dedicate some time to your children, as they may succumb to some health issues. Suppose you are not married but are in a relationship, you are advised not to let your relationship get bitter as time is not favourable and both of you may feel bad about each other’s even trivial things. So, try to find the crux of the matter and fix the issues. It will help if you keep patience while approaching subjects. If we speak about the finance predictions in 2023, you should avoid investing, especially in the stock market or speculation. However, on the other hand, students who are getting ready for any competitive exams shall get good results, but with assiduous efforts.


  • Distribute salty food items to the poor on your son’s birthday to reduce the adverse effects of Shani.
  • Go to the temple and oblate almonds to the Lord. Take half the quantity of prasad to your home. You will benefit by keeping the offer at home.

Saturn transit 2023 in 6th house

Good times in your life will begin with the 2023 Saturn transit in the sixth house. You will get success even in unexpected fields and natives will conquer their enemies and opponents. Professionally, you shall have a great period as your business will flourish and competitors will lag behind you. However, on the other hand, this transit in your horoscope comes with a little warning and you must try to be a little careful while making the decision. Health-wise, things will be good and pleasant. Thus, your health will be in favour. Moreover, if you plan to travel somewhere, this time will be auspicious.

Additionally, during the Shani Gochar in 2023, your relations with family members and other relatives remain cordial. Romance will be in the air, and natives will take their relationship with their spouses deeper. New opportunities seem to open up on your career front; choose the field in which you want to follow your dreams. But, remember to pick an option that has the potential to increase income. As for natives who already have a well-built career, you will get the full support of your colleagues, partner, and family members as the transit is positioned better in your house.


  • Feed a black dog.
  • Flow coconut and almonds in running water.
  • Give milk to snakes for the welfare of children.

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Saturn transit 2023 in 7th house

Usually the transit of Saturn in the seventh house of the natives creates disturbances in their married life. And in 2023, it won’t be any different. However, on the other hand, it would make you an understanding being and help you keep in mind that every couple has an atmosphere of unrest and rift. Thus, it would help to grace your spouse with the necessary respect. Moreover, it would be best if you can avoid unwanted disputes as there are minor possibilities that the situation of separation might arise between you. So, shield the relationship by controlling your words and keeping patience.

Furthermore, the Saturn transit 2023 in this house also indicates that this time is perfect for professional men and women. However, for those who are associated with business, some problems will arise for them. Your opinion may not match your business partner, which can cause problems. Thus it is essential to consider all the facts before giving your opinion. Along with this, you should understand that it is not right to adopt shortcuts to be successful. So, stay away from illegal matters and follow the straight path. It will help you to make progress in life. Moreover, it would help if you accepted that patience and hard work are necessary to climb the heights of success.


  • Feeding a black cow can also eliminate the pessimistic aspects of planet Saturn during the transit.

Saturn transit 2023 in 8th house

The placement of the planet in the eighth house of the natives, health issues shall be many. Directly influencing your health, it can make you confront illness and troubles in the most unexpected manner. Therefore, you need to be extra cautious regarding your well-being during the transit period in 2023. Contact your doctor immediately if you notice any symptoms of the disease and if there is any requirement for surgery, then do not postpone it. Considering your health condition, you may feel the need for the help of your loved ones. However, you are less likely to get cooperation from them due to the earlier disputes. Thus don’t be discouraged if you don’t get support from them. Try to solve things in your way.

Ahead, as per the planetary transit 2023 predictions, not only do your relations with your friends deteriorate but there will also be minor obstacles in your field of work. In your professional life, your habit of showing off in front of others may affect the relationship. Therefore, it is necessary to make some changes in your attitude. As not everything is bad in your life, the transit shall bring you fine news too. Professionally stable men and women shall get appreciation from their seniors and recognition for their hard work. Moreover, your efforts to build good relationships with your friends and co-workers will work in your favor too, which in return, will also help you in your career.


  • Keep a square shape of silver with you to get a beneficial result.
  • Add a little milk to the water before a bath and use a stone or wooden seat for bathing. Taking a bath sitting on this throne will prove beneficial for you.

Saturn transit 2023 in 9th house

With the transit of planet Saturn in the ninth house of your Kundli, you may feel distressed and anxious. As a result, the time duration shall become very volatile for you. Because of all these mood issues, there is a high chance that you might change your job frequently. Moreover, as per the predictions, the chances of travelling long distances are on the card too, which for a change will calm your mind. Ahead, during the transit period in 2023, it might become reasonable for you to forget about the problems you are facing and adopt the path of spirituality to release yourself from such issues. And, your efforts in the same will be worth it and make your life better and more peaceful.

But the point that the Saturn transit in 2023 wants you to keep in mind is that you are a part of household life and must not completely abandon things in your day-to-day life or people that are around you. Furthermore, you will be tempted to splurge these days and the economic issues might become troublesome and clearly addressable as income will remain mediocre and expenses can increase. Plus, the predictions also foretell a rough time for you professionally. The number of your rivals will increase and the atmosphere of your home may bow to disputes and may have arguments with your child. However, all this will be on a tiny scale. So, worry not.


  • Oblate rice or almonds in the running water to bring happiness to the house.

Saturn transit 2023 in 10th house

When Saturn will transit in the tenth house from the natal moon, natives may face some problems at the workplace. A rift with your co-workers or boss in the workplace might not allow you to move toward success. All this will stop your progress and affect your financial position. Therefore, try not to argue with your co-workers or boss during the transit in 2023. If any such situations occur and you disagree with them on any matter, make sure you tell it with logic, else avoid taking the case further. Natives shall also see the impacts of Saturn transit 2023 in their personal life. For instance, there may be differences between your spouse and other close people in your family.

In this situation, have a conversation with your spouse to eradicate the misunderstanding, which will help to maintain the matrimony in hunky-dory. This transit also indicates that your expenses may exceed these days, so be careful. Make money management a priority and involve elders or experienced people while making any decision related to economic matters. Furthermore, Shani Gochar 2023 says that you may rupture your social image; thus, it is essential to be vigilant while approaching matters. However, you may feel burdened by the responsibilities. At the same time, it is suggested to remain cautious as a chronic problem may cause a relapse, and your mother’s health may suffer and stay in low spirits.


  • Visit the temple regularly.
  • Refrain from meat, alcohol, and eggs.
  • Provide food to ten visually impaired people.

Saturn transit 2023 in 11th house

With the Saturn transit in the eleventh house of the natives in 2023, natives shall feel blessed and welcomed. Planet Saturn will show all its positive impacts on the. Any losses or damages that have happened earlier in your life shall be overcome, providing you harmony. Not only this, but you will also get a lot of financial benefits at this time. Since your finances will be fine, your mental attitude will be positive too. You can embrace the beneficial effects of this transit in 2023 in your personal life as your relations with other family members will remain valuable.

Ahead, the predictions foretell that your health will become great too during this transit period. You shall be confident to make better decisions and the right plans. In this way, you can shape your future in a better way. Also, you can be part of some auspicious programs at this time. Professionally, the period will be pleasant for job prospects as you may put your hands on success. Your opponent might scheme against you even though all their plans kiss the failure at this period.


  • Before going to any significant work, place a vessel full of water on the ground and put a few drops of oil in it. Follow this continuously for 43 days.
  • Refrain from consuming alcohol.

Saturn transit 2023 in 12th house

As soon as Saturn will transit in the twelfth house in 2023, the first phase of Sade Sati will start. As a result, there shall be many challenges in the life of the person. With every step, you will find yourself emerging with some new problem, hurdle, or issue. Eventually, you may also lack in your efforts and bend into failure. Therefore, it is suggested that you push your edges to a maximum extent to see the face of success. Also, don’t let yourself be discouraged. Things won’t be good for business natives too. You might suffer losses and feel a lot more vulnerable than before. Thus, during the Saturn transit 2023, it would be better to keep calm and avoid making significant decisions. Moreover, taking a few days off from your busy schedule and spending them on recreational activities will help spread peace in your mind. Professional people with such a situation in their horoscope in 2023 will also be victims of the same situation as they would face a rough time dealing with projects and situations at work. Even in your personal life, this transit will be hard to handle. Therefore, be wise in your actions and think wisely. Maintain harmony and compassion in your relationship and refrain from travelling during this time.


  • Put twelve almonds in a black cloth and tie. Keep them in an iron vessel and place them in a dark room. It will give you good results.

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Which year will Saturn transit be in Pisces?

Saturn will be in Pisces from 7 March 2023 to 24 May 2025. After this, from 31 August 2025 to 13 February 2026, it will transit in Pisces.

How do you know whether 2023 Shani is auspicious or inauspicious?

Saturn will be beneficial for people born in the ascendant of Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius in 2023.

What are the symptoms of Shani Dosha?

The following symptoms are visible in Shani Dosha:

  • Effect on eye-sight before a specified time.
  • Hair falls at a young age.
  • Continued Headache.
  • Making fun of God on every single matter.
  • Insulting elders over their talk.
  • Interested in doing evil deeds.
  • Always keep conflict in your mind.

How to please Lord Shani in 2023?

Lord Shani is appeased in many ways. According to Hindu mythology, Shani Dev is called Dharmaraja, the god of justice. It is believed that he gives people the fruits of their good and bad deeds. To make Saturn favorable in your Kundli, natives should try the following measures:

  • Donate to the needy.
  • Worship of Shani Yantra.
  • Chanting of Shani Mantra.
  • Feed the dogs and serve them whenever possible.
  • Worship Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

What to do to remove Shani Dosh in 2023?

To reduce the inauspicious effect of Shani Dosha, you should donate iron stuff, black clothes, urad dal, mustard oil, footwear, etc., on Saturday. Apart from this, feeding flour to fish, offering water to the root of a peepal, and lighting a lamp of sesame or mustard oil in the evening will also help.

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