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Mars Transit 2023 Dates & Time, Free Predictions with Remedies

Mars Transit 2023: Dates, Time, Predictions & Remedies

Based on the fundamentals of Vedic astrology, every planetary transit has its significance; It can provide both positive and negative impacts on our lives based on its placement in our moon sign. Planetary position and transits hold a remarkable role and are responsible for all the pessimists and favorable situations in our life. These planets situate on the signs according to our time of birth, which emphasizes specific effects on human life. Human life is affected based on planetary change following the place of the zodiac sign.

What is the meaning of Mars transit?

When the fiery planet, i.e., Mars, moves from one zodiac sign to another, it is known as Mars Transit. It is placed in one zodiac sign for one and a half months and then proceeds forward to another planet.

Mars is a masculine and red solid hot planet; It influences the lives of natives depending on the house. Vedic astrology states that the transit of Mars in the third, sixth, and eleventh house, i.e., the auspicious place, will prove very lucky to humankind and give positive results. However, when Mars transits in the first, second, fourth, fifth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and twelfth houses, i.e., unfavorable houses, this situation will experience some tough times.

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Mars transit 2023 date and time

Date & DayTransiting FromTransiting ToTimings
13 March 2023, MondayTaurusGemini05:33 AM
10 May 2023, WednesdayGeminiCancer02:13 PM
01 July 2023, SaturdayCancerLeo02:38 AM
18 August 2023, FridayLeoVirgo04:13 PM
03 October 2023, TuesdayVirgoLibra06:17 PM
16 November 2023, ThursdayLibraScorpio11:04 AM
28 December 2023, ThursdayScorpioSagittarius12:37 AM

Mars transit 2023 in 1st house

When Mars transit 2023 occurs in the 1st house, its effect is not much reassuring or favorable. Because of this transit, natives may succumb to face many troubles in life. Therefore, it would be great to keep a positive mindset for maintaining excellence in your career, as some monetary losses in your career are on the card, although success may slow down. Your assiduousness may also help you to manage your job more efficiently. Despite this, as per the Mangal Gochar 2023, natives will have to face many ebbs and flows on the path to success.

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Moreover, this planetary transit will negatively affect health, and an old health issue may resurface during this phase; hence be cautious. Avoid investing in your idea of expanding your business prospects or any new start-up, as it may lead to remarkable failure at this time. It is best if you are careful as opponents may try to create a problem for you, but on the driver’s side, your unwavering attempt will act favourably during this tenure.

  • Plant a pomegranate tree outside your house.

Mars transit 2023 in 2nd house

With the movement of the planet in the 2nd house of your birth chart, natives might not see a favourable and friendly time in their lives. This period will bring many obstacles in the life of the native, which is why the valuable advice is to handle your love life with care. Moreover, the transit of Mars in 2023 will create some constraints on your financial matters. Some financial losses will be there on the list, and you may also face problems getting a loan this time.

Apart from this, you will have arguments with your close ones; you have to control your emotions and be careful while shooting words else it may puncture the relationships. Anger over a petty matter can harm you and exaggerate it into big problems. Your opponents will be successfully creating a problematic situation, and you might fall and suffer to a certain extent in that snare. So, during the Mars transit 2023, be cautious while taking each step. This time may encourage you to create more enemies, thus spreading a chaotic scenario into your life.

  • Offer food to hungry monkeys on Tuesdays.

Mars transit 2023 in 3rd house

When Mars transits from the natal Moon to the third house, the position of Mars will be quite favourable for the natives in 2023. Healthwise, you can experience the energy and be highly enthusiastic, and you will feel energetic and confident during this transit period of one and a half months. Success will be at your doorstep during this tenure. Furthermore, the Mars transit 2023 will bring transparency, patience, and calmness to your life.

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You will have ultimate goals for the future and inspire you to do better in life. This time will prove very fruitful for you. Sources of income generation will be available from many sources like rental property, etc. Ahead, the Mars transit 2023 prediction foretells your decisions during this time may bring encouraging results for expanding your business prospects. Your strength and confidence will be at a higher level during this period.

  • Stay in a joint family and avoid isolation as much as possible.

Mars transit 2023 in 4th house

With the movement of planet Mars to the fourth house, you might confront negativity and difficulties in your life. Natives shall face struggles to channel their energy in the right direction. Your enemies will scheme against you; unfortunately, you will add new enemies to your inventory list. Hence you should avoid arguments and maintain a cordial relationship.

Moreover, as per the planetary transit 2023, at this time, a conscious effort to control your anger and display patience. Although it is essential to keep an eye on your words before uttering others, it causes you to create an argument with others, and even your relatives will become your enemy. Eating stale food or forsaking your meal may cause you physical problems.

  • Chant Hanuman Chalisa regularly in a Hanuman temple.

Mars transit 2023 in 5th house

When Mars enters the fifth house of your birth chart, do not find it beneficial and challenges awaiting, it is better to dedicate time to your health as there are chances to suffer from ingestion, colic pain, bile, or acidity problems. During this time, your relationship will also be affected, and Your hot temperament can create troubles with your dear ones and within your friend circle. If you do not want your relationship with your partner to deteriorate, you must take time to please your partner.

In personal life, married couples may create misunderstandings causing discord in married life due to your aggressive attitude. Always try to keep calm and have patience. Family life also seems disturbed, while the conversation with your father does not cross your limit. Unwanted expenditure can put you in a financial crisis, so extra care should be in the monetary handling.

  • Donating something to the needy shall help you with the ill effects of Mars transit in 2023.

Mars transit 2023 in 6th house

Mangal Gochar 2023 in the sixth house shall be favorable, and you can enjoy an auspicious outcome in your life during this period. If you are planning to change jobs and an opportunity is waiting for you, you should evaluate it properly and make a wise decision. You keep an optimistic approach, although energetic at the office. Any laziness at the office would go against you and your career goals.

Financial gains are on the card; thus, you might receive some funds from a source that you never anticipated. Mars is an action-oriented planet that imparts energy flow to human beings. So during the 2023 Mars transit, you are advised not to squander the energy imparted and utilize it to fulfill your growth. The freshers searching for a job will soon lay their hands on success. During this period, you will feel confident.

  • Visit and pray in Hanuman mandir as often as you can.

Mars transit 2023 in 7th house

During the transit of Mars in the 7th house, there may be chaos in your relations with your kith and kin. The family atmosphere may worsen and discord. Some disputes will occur with your partner and your parents; thus, inwardly, you may find distractions and despair. You might have to work on your anger and impulsive reactions, especially now.

Ahead, the predictions of 2023 Mars transit foretell you will yield false accusations and betrayals from the people you trust, so do not disclose your secrets. They may use those matters later as armour against you. Your eyes and stomach may be affected in that case; you should consult with a doctor soon, even if it is a minor problem. You feel mentally tired during this phase.

  • Purchase something for the females in your house on special occasions.

Mars transit 2023 in 8th house

The presence of Mars in the eighth house will transit in its own house but negatively impact it. During this tenure, natives must be more cautious, especially in health. It will help if you are more careful as you may suffer from eye allergies, deficiency of vitamins in the body, and reactions to drugs or food. Thus, health checks immediately also keep your routine checkup done from time to time.

Apart from that, you will be prone to injuries or surgeries. Furthermore, because of the transit of planet Mars in 2023, you must refrain from bad habits like alcohol and smoking. During this time, you may witness the business graph going downhill, so You will have to work hard to succeed. Try to maintain a wavering faith in the things around you.

  • Make donations for farmers and army funds.

Mars transit 2023 in 9th house

When Mars transits to the ninth house from the natal Moon, natives will start to taste some issues. Mars will stand as a hurdle in your success path. Thus, you must work hard on the professional front to prove your excellence and success. At this stage, you will find a kind of burden overwhelming you. Due to the influence of Mars, proper care as there are chances to suffer from ingestion, colic pain, bile, or acidity troubles.

Overall, you will feel weak. On the career front, you will feel uncomfortable working, and eventually, you start to feel unlucky. Thus, the predictions of the Mars transit 2023 say that it is better to motivate yourself in all your attempts; put in your maximum effort as a good thing is on the way and will approach you soon.

  • Gift copper-made artifacts to your friends and close people.

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Mars transit 2023 in 10th house

When Mars transit 2023 will occur in the 10th house, it will create obstacles for you. During this phase, your efforts will not pay you as you deserve. Try not to argue with anyone. It will help if you are cautious of opponents as they may try to hamper your image or create obstacles for you; however, you may fall into their snare, leading you to face setbacks and disappointments. But the 2023 Mangal Gochar will be right from the point of view of health because you will get relief from health-related problems.

To epitome, the transit of Mars in 2023 will bring mixed effects for you. Working professionals must be careful during this period as you will have to face many office politics at your workplace. Don’t get discouraged because of failure and unsatisfactory results; You put your maximum effort into working hard as it will bring productive results sooner or later.

  • Donate blood to someone needful.

Mars transit 2023 in 11th house

With the Mars transit in 2023 in the 11th house, your life will get supersonic results. You will feel happy as this period will bring good financial gains to the natives. You will be able to maintain a good name and fame in society, which will also be an impetus to your prestige. You become conscious of your health and dedicate some time to your body, resulting in relief from past and ongoing problems. Many opportunities will knock at your door, avoiding your laziness.

Ahead, as per Mangal Gochar 2023, it is time to utilize these opportunities in a full-fledged manner and utilize the advantages. This time you can enjoy the taste of extra income. This time is favorable for making significant investments in property or stocks as you will make good money out of them. It will also be quite favorable for the natives; it will prove very lucky to the natives and give positive results.

  • Carry red color clothes with you as often as possible.

Mars transit 2023 in 12th house

2023 Mars transit in the 12th house may compel us to go through some difficult times. You may meet some health challenges, so following a salubrious diet and exercising with a proper regime is vital. Moreover, you need to dedicate extra concern to your health. Since it is better to go for appropriate health checkups, as it predicts a hike in health issues, the natives may suffer an increase in eye problems, ear problems, muscle pain or leg pain, Etc., which will be the most common problem. During the transit period, if You feel neglected by society, don’t worry. The situation will change soon, so have patience in your mind.

On the contrary, the 2023 Mars transit shall also bring positive energy, new, better career opportunities, and foreign travel for further education. Be cautious while meeting and interacting with new people, as they may cheat or misuse you in the future. Do not do any critical work during this time. When talking to your loved ones, check your words that might not be harsh or rude; otherwise, it will rupture the relationship, and try to behave calmly and quietly.

  • Grow holy plants in your house and pray to them regularly.


As per astrology, what is the transit of Mars?

The Mars move from one sign to another, i.e., the Moon in the birth chart, is known as a transit of Mars. The planets of Mars enter from one house to another. The transit of Mars affects the life of the native in many ways, either positively or negatively. With the Mars influence, natives became stronger enough to fight the problems in life.

Do planets transit around your birth chart?

Transits are the planets that relate to the other worlds that rule the house according to the birth chart. Planets transit in different signs and affect human life differently.

What is the importance of Mars in astrology?

The planet Mars is the most masculine and fiery among all the other nine planets, which is also called the red planet. It is considered a benefit planet for agriculture as Mars is known as the God of farming, although for seeking justice. The transit of Mars is a sign of strength and healthy life. Mars shares a friendly approach to the Sun and Moon; however, it is not so familiar with Mercury and Ketu. 

What happens when Mars moves to Earth from the Moon?

Mars is the lord of the second house, and when it transits from the Moon to the Earth, the natives get inclined toward material things. They like to spend on luxury things.

What happens when Mars transits from the Moon in the Sixth house?

According to astrology, it serves a convenient time when Mars transits from the Moon to the 6th house. During Mars’s transit in the 6th house, the natives will get extra benefits and sources of income. At this time, natives can capture their dreams quite quickly. When Mars transits to the sixth house in his birth chart, the life of the native becomes blissful.

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