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Lunar Eclipse 2023

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Everything you need to know

The fundamental precepts of Vedic astrology state that this time is considered to be complicated. Eclipses generate various problems, including uncertainty, difficulties, and impediments in life. As the name suggests, a lunar eclipse concerns the Moon. In astrology, the Lunar eclipse 2023 shall be a crucial calculation point as Moon is the karaka of mind, mood, thoughts, mentality, liquid money, activities related to many speculations related to life, and investment. Thus, the lunar eclipse would impact all of these things, and each person’s life will be touched by it.

Lunar Eclipse 2023 Date, Time, and Location

Type of Lunar EclipseEclipse in zodiac signDateTimeLocation
Shadow Lunar Eclipse14° Scorpio at 58′May 05, 202301:34 PMSouth/Eastern Europe, most of Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica
Partial Lunar Eclipse5° Taurus 09′.October 28, 202304:24 PMEurope, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, North/East South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, and Antarctica

Types of Lunar Eclipse 2023

There are three Lunar Eclipses in total. However, in 2023, natives shall experience two lunar eclipses—Partial and Shadow. Where the most important of these three is the total lunar eclipse, the ones occurring in the New year 2023 will also be influential in the life of the natives. As Earth’s shadow encircles the Moon during this eclipse, we must know how they are vital in their own manner.

Full Lunar Eclipse

In a lunar eclipse, the Earth moves between the Moon and the Sun. During this time, the Moon is completely hidden from the shadow of the Earth. You should be aware that the Sun, Earth, and Moon are in a straight line during a total lunar eclipse. This is why when we see the Moon from the Earth, it appears black to us, it is known as a lunar eclipse. However, some sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere is bent and scattered on the Moon. This gives the Moon a soft glow, even when Earth is completely blocking sunlight from the Moon’s surface.

Partial Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse happens when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are not perfectly lined up. On each side of the totality, even a total lunar eclipse seems to be partial. The Earth’s shadow may have crossed the Moon during a partial lunar eclipse.

Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

This is the least significant lunar eclipse out of the three. This occurs when the Moon crosses the solid outer region of the shadow cast by the Earth. It isn’t easy to see.

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Lunar Eclipse 2023: Impact on each zodiac sign


During the Lunar eclipse in 2023, Aries men and women shall see control of their natural tendencies. They would become more delicate, and compassionate, however, naive; which, by the way, won’t be a good thing for them in general. However, for Aires natives who possess an intact nature, it won’t impact much. Present to the world as you are, the eclipse in 2023 shall be essential for your future as well.

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This Lunar eclipse in 2023 will not bring auspicious news for the Taurus men and women. Your route to success may be hindered, and selecting the ideal job sector may be quite challenging. You’ll encounter challenges when trying to work enthusiastically in your current field. Moreover, as per the predictions, the event in 2023 won’t be favorable for students too and they might think there is a problem with the current curriculum.


For people with the Gemini zodiac sign Chandra Grahan 2023 will improve their creative skills. As a result, professionally, the time will be helpful and push you to shape your future and give a new direction to you. Along with it, you will be able to see yourself more driven and dedicated and gain quite an appreciation because of your improvements.


The Chandra Grahan in 2023 will impact your household contentment and personal property. Some Cancer natives may experience a sense of detachment, lack of emotion, and a feeling of despair and frustration, which is why they might isolate themselves from the things around them. However, on the other hand, your social standing will remain the same.


The Leo natives hold a different perspective and approach toward every matter during the 2023 Lunar eclipse. These people will significantly benefit from this characteristic and shall perform well in almost all areas of their lives.


For Virgos, the event will be profitable and beneficial. It would increase your awareness and enhance your knowledge of your requirements. Moreover, because of the Lunar eclipse 2023, you shall put your needs on the priority list at the right time and your life may get more manageable as a result.


For Libra natives, this eclipse in 2023 would bring some emotional impact. Everything you do will form its connection with empathy and can act true in specific ways. Thus, working and being realistic would be essential for you to survive, and working and being sensible will be recommended.


During this period, there will be balance in the life of Scorpio natives. Also, you will be able to understand many aspects of your life in a better way. All these matters will help you constructively in moving forward in life.

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Sagittarius natives will enjoy making bridges with people around them. Moreover, they will also appreciate the value of friendship and teamwork, giving the proper signs of fulfilling your relationships.


The Lunar eclipse 2023 will be favorable for Capricorn natives as there will be new opportunities for success and progress in your career. You’ll be allowed to earn a salary raise, and you’ll take on the extra responsibilities that come with being promoted.


Due to the 2023 Lunar eclipse, Aquarius natives will be urged to do unwavering efforts in their life. This will become an important part of your personal life and help you in your esteemed careers and businesses.


For Pisces natives, this Chandra Grahan in 2023 will bring mixed results. Even if life has its ups and downs, there will always be some pleasant consequences. Hence, it would help if you didn’t worry because painful situations will quickly pass, and everything will return to normal after the eclipse.

Points to remember during Sutak Kaal 2023

Many people follow Sutak during the Lunar eclipse. It is a period of abstention. It starts a few hours before the eclipse begins and continues till it ends. One should refrain from eating during the Lunar eclipse and take a bath after the eclipse is over. After that, individuals can break the fast.

In addition, there are several other activities that people abstain from during the Sutak in 2023. Let’s examine these items:

  • One should not travel during the Sutak period.
  • Avoid engaging in any essential work or business activity.
  • Pregnant women should take special precautions and stay home during the lunar eclipse. Keep yourself away from external light.
  • Although the Lunar eclipse is not considered harmful to the eyes, experts advise against seeing the Moon during an eclipse.
  • People should pray, meditate and do sadhana during the eclipse to gain good results.
  • During a Lunar eclipse, worshiping Lord Shiva (Lord of the Moon) aids in warding off evil energies. You might recite the following mantra throughout this time – “Om Namah Shivaya || ॐ नमः शिवाय ||”

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Do’s and don’ts to follow

During both the Lunar eclipses in 2023, natives must keep in mind certain points so as to save themselves from the ill effects of it. Read the list to follow more:

  • Natives must avoid seeing the Lunar eclipse with the naked eye.
  • Clean the house after the eclipse is over. Moreover, take a bath yourself, and all the house members follow the same and wear clean clothes.
  • After the eclipse is over, donate as per your capability to needy people. If you wish, you can donate money, clothes, food, etc.
  • You should avoid going to temple or perform auspicious work during the onset of the Lunar eclipse 2023. However, you can chant mantras in your mind during the period. It will destroy the harmful energy that enters during the eclipse.
  • Avoid leaving the house, and don’t let other family members go during the eclipse period in the year.
  • Cooking food during an eclipse is considered inauspicious. Even after the eclipse, wait a few hours before cooking.

Remedies for Lunar Eclipse 2023

As per teh Vedic astrology, the Moon is a symbol for many things, including power, energy, emotion, and dreams. People with problems related to the Moon in their destiny should be cautious during the lunar eclipse. This time will bring many obstacles and difficulties for them.

  • Offer prayers and worship during the Lunar eclipse period by keeping in mind your Ishta Dev.
  • To avoid negative energy during the eclipse, chant Om Namah Shivaya. Apart from this you can also chant various other Mantras like the Durga Mantra, Mrityunjaya Jaap, Durga Mantra and Ganesh Mantra.
  • People with significant health problems should perform Rog Nirvana Puja during the eclipse period.
  • Avoid eating anything during the lunar eclipse as experts say that some toxic gases and substances are produced during this time, which may mix with food. Due to this, food becomes poisonous. Eating it can worsen your health, or you may get inauspicious results.

Lunar Eclipse 2023: Precautions for pregnant women

During a lunar eclipse, pregnant women must take certain precautions. Here are those:

  • You must avoid going out during the eclipse.
  • Also, avoid viewing the eclipse at any cost. It might be harmful to the unborn baby.
  • Throughout the eclipse, carry Durva grass.
  • Keep no sharp objects close to you. Also avoid lifting such a thing in your hand.
  • During the eclipse period, neither cut anything with scissors or knife nor do any sewing work.
  • Do not subject yourself to any physical or mental stress at this time.
  • After the eclipse ends, take a bath and purify yourself.
  • Chant the Santana Gopala Mantra

Effects of 2023 Lunar eclipse on health

Be it the Solar eclipse or the Lunar one, both impact health in their own manner. Therefore, we should thoroughly understand how it can be harmful to our well-being and take precautions accordingly:

  • Even though you can see a Lunar eclipse with naked eyes, it is advised that you avoid seeing it.
  • It is also trusted that there is a relationship between a woman’s menstrual cycle and the lunar one. Hence the Lunar eclipse can help synchronize the menstrual cycle.
  • It has a profound effect on fertility. Popular belief is that the Moon is considered a symbol of fertility. Therefore, the period of a 2023 Lunar eclipse can be a good time for ovulating women to become pregnant.
  • The Chandra Grahan in 2023 can also affect the food items. Therefore, avoid cooking. Not only this, if cooked food is kept in the house before the time of the eclipse, then it should be discarded after the eclipse. Make fresh food for yourself after the eclipse.
  • The Lunar eclipse of 2023 shall also have a profound effect on the mind and bodies of the people. This can worsen symptoms of anxiety and depression. Even for people who are already suffering from the problem of insomnia, problems may increase even more.

We wish you luck with the eclipse of 2023, and our thanks for visiting PujaBooking!

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