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Lohri puja 2021 Date and Time


Lohri puja 2021 — date, time, and all you need to know about the puja vidhi

January 2021
(Wednesday / बुधवार)

Lohri Timings


Lohri on Wednesday, January 13, 2021
Lohri Sankranti Moment – 08:29 AM, Jan 14
Note – 24-hour clock with local time of Delhi & DST adjusted for all Muhurat timings (if applicable)


The festival of Lohri is meant to be celebrated on winter solstice. On the day after Lohri, day light is meant to increase, people believe that it brings a pleasant morning of hope. It is a harvest festival which is passionately celebrated by Sikhs. It is basically the festival of Punjab and Haryana. The celebrations of Lohri start early in the morning and people wishes each other with great enthusiasm. Let’s know more about this festival.

Main aim of celebrating Lohri

The festival of Lohri is also linked with Bikrami calendar and is twinning with Makar Sankranti which is celebrated in the Punjab region as Maghi Sangrand. Lohri is celebrated to memorialize the passing of the winter solstice.This festival is celebrated to welcome the new financial year of farmers in accordance with Bikrami Calendar. New agricultural tenancies are about to start on Lohri and rents are collected on this day, that is why, it is celebrated as new financial year.


Lohri is the most famous festival of Punjab and Haryana but it is now widely celebrated by Hindus too. This festival is now popularized at a large scale among the different areas and regions of our country that everyone celebrates it with great joy and enthusiasm. Lohri is just like a thanksgiving festival as the farmers on Lohri shows their gratefulness to the almighty for good abundance and rich harvest.

●  During the day, children go from door to door singing folk songs and are given sweets and savories and occasionally money.
●  Turning children back empty-handed is regarded as inauspicious. The collection consist of til, crystal sugar, gajak, jaggery, peanuts and popcorn.
●  The collections gathered by children is known as Lohri which is distributed among all the people at night.
●  People light the bonfire and then the Lohri distributed among people is thrown into bonfire along with some other food items like peanuts, jaggery, etc. They all enjoy the Lohri night by sitting and singing Lohri songs together.
●  The Lohri night ends up by having a traditional feast of sarson da saag, makki di roti and kheer.
●  On this day, kite flying is also popular in some parts of Punjab.

Lohri songs and its importance

Lohri songs play an important role in the celebration of the event as these songs represent the joy and excitement filled up inside a person. These songs are being enjoyed by each and every person celebrating Lohri. Singing and dancing form an important part of the celebration. These songs are like traditional folk songs which are sung to thank god for rich harvest and good abundance. The Lohri songs are also sung to commemorate the Punjabi warrior Dulla Bhatti. People wear their brightest clothes and come to dance bhangra and gidda on the beats of the dhol. The programme of dancing over the beat of dhol is carried out around the bonfire.

Dulla Bhatti

Over time, people correlated Lohri to the tale of Dulla Bhatti. The central character of many Lohri songs is Dulla Bhatti, who lived in Punjab during the tenure of Mughal Emperor Akbar. In order to pay tribute, many people also mention the Robin Hood of Punjab – Dulla Bhatti. Not only he robbed the rich, but also rescued poor Punjabi girls who were forcibly taken to be sold in slave market. Amongst them, there were two girls Sundri & Mundri who deliberately became theme of Punjab folklore. So, Lohri songs are sung to owe respect to him for the services he had rendered during his lifetime.

Lohri in other parts of India

In Andhra Pradesh, the day before Makar Sankranti is known as Bhogi. On this day, all the old and derelict things are discarded and new things causing change or transformation are brought in focus. At dawn, bonfire is enlightened with logs of wood, other solid-fuels and wooden furniture at home that are useless. Only the materialistic things are not disposed off, along with these things, all evil habits and evil thoughts are to be sacrificed in sacrificial fire of the knowledge of Rudra, known as the Rudra Gita Gyana Yagya. It represents purification and transformation of soul by guzzling and inculcating divine virtues.


Why is Lohri celebrated?

It is a festival associated with harvesting and sowing of crops. Lohri has special significance for Sikhs. Preparations begin a few days before the festival. It is popular to celebrate this festival especially at the conclusion of autumn. In Punjab, this festival is celebrated to commemorate the harvesting of crops at the beginning of the new year. On the occasion of the festival of Lohri, people burn Bhangra from place to place and perform Bhangra-Giddha around it. This festival is dedicated to the farmers. When farmers harvest the rabi crop, and prepare for a new crop. Its year also marks the beginning of a new financial year for farmers. 

Meaning of Lohri

L (wood) + Oh (Goha = dried dung) + D (Revdi) = ‘Lohri’
Long before Lohri, people began to gather for burning dry fruits and wood. 
Lohri was earlier called Tilodi. The word is derived from the combination of sesame and rhododendron (jaggery), which changed over time to become famous as Lohri. Eating and sharing sesame and jaggery is also important on Makar Sankranti. In many areas of Punjab, it is also called Lohi or Loi.

How do you believe Lohri?

People used to gather from house to house in olden times, and everyone used to sing folk songs. This tradition has changed a lot already. You guys gather together to sing and dance. In the day time, children go home to sing songs and ask for Lohri. It is not considered correct to return children empty-handed from home. It is believed that the happier the children are, the more prosperous they will be. Therefore, children are given gajak, jaggery, groundnut and maize etc. on this day. Gajak, jaggery, groundnut and maize are mixed together, which is called Lohri. In the evening, this Lohri is distributed among all those present, and a fire is lit in between. People offer Lohri divided in the fire. Men perform Bhangra, and women dance to Giddha. All mustard greens at night,Enjoys the festival by eating kheer with maize bread. In some parts of Punjab, there is also a tradition of flying kites on this day. 

Celebration of newlyweds, sister, daughter and children

The Lohri festival holds special significance for Punjabis. In the house where a new marriage or child is born, they are specially greeted with Lohri. The first bride of a new bride or child in the house has great importance. On this day, married sisters and daughters are called home.

Lohri’s popular stories


Story of dulla bhatti

Although a lot of stories are told on Lohri, but the most prevalent story is that of Dulla Bhatti. Dulla Bhatti is also known as Robinhood of Punjab. Dulla Bhatti was a robber in the era of Mughal emperor Akbar. They looted the wealth of the rich and distributed it among the poor. Many of Dulla’s girls were saved from being sold in the market and even got them married. To honor their valor, women men sing and dance to their respective songs. Two such girls Sundari – Mundari whom Dulla saved, are also mentioned in Lohri’s song.  

Story of Mother Sati

A story of Lohri is also associated with Mata Sati. Prajapati Daksha insulted his daughter Sati and her husband Mahadev. The king invited the whole world to his yajna, but disregarded Mahadev and Mother Sati. Angered by this, Mother Sati jumped into the Agni Kund and committed suicide. It is said that this day is celebrated as Lohri to honor Mother Sati. On this day, married daughters are called home and presented with the things of honey and are honored. Here daughters are given the place of sati, and wish all well. 

Story of Krishna and Lohita

According to another legend, a day before Makar Sankranti, Kansa sent a demon named Lohita to Gokul to kill Shri Krishna, who was killed by Krishna in a game. Lohri festival is celebrated as a result of the same event. 

Lohri in other parts of India


Bhogi of andhra pradesh

The festival of Lohri is celebrated in different parts of the country under different names. In this sequence, Bhogi is celebrated a day before Makar Sankranti in Andhra Pradesh. On this day people replace old items. Wood, old furniture etc. are also used to light a fire. It is also called Rudra Gita Gyan Yagya. It is considered a symbol of the transformation and purification of the soul.

Sindhi community’s red iron

A day before Makar Sankranti, people of Sindhi community also celebrate the festival of Red Lohi. It is also like Lohri. On this day Sindhi people burn wood and fire is worshiped with sesame seeds. 


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