Bhai Dooj 2023 Details:

Moon sighting should be done in the morning on Kartik Shukla Dwitiya. If possible, one should take bath in Yamuna, otherwise one should apply oil at home and take bath.

After taking bath etc., one should go to the sister’s house in the afternoon and respect the sister with clothes and food etc. and eat food there.

If you do not have your own sister, then consider your uncle’s or aunt’s daughter or your friend’s sister as your sister and satisfy her by donating clothes.

There is an ancient story in this regard that – in ancient times, on Kartik Shukla Dwitiya, Yamuna ji had served food to her brother Yamraj with hospitality at her house. On that day the hellish creatures were freed from torture and were satisfied. He became free from all sins and became free from all bondages. All of them together celebrated a great festival that day, which brought happiness to the kingdom of Yamalok. Therefore this date became famous in all the three worlds by the name of Yama-Dwitiya .

Therefore, it is believed that those who satisfy the Suvasini sisters on this day with clothes, donations etc., do not have to face discord, infamy, fear of enemies etc. for a year. Wealth, fame, age and strength increase.

Before lighting the lamp (electric) in the house in the evening, one should donate a lamp by lighting a lamp with four lights for Yamraj outside the house.