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Pregnancy Mantra

Pregnancy Mantra – Here is the list of Pregnancy mantras month wise. Chant pregnancy mantras to get rid of difficulties during pregnancy period.


Griha shanti Mantra

Griha Shanti Mantra – Here is the list of griha shanti mantra. Spread positivity and peace in your home by chanting griha shanti mantra.


Rashi Mantra

Rashi Mantras – Here is the list of Rashi mantras from Aries to Pisces. Know here the significance and benefits of chanting rashi mantras.


Krishna Mantra

Krishna Mantra – Find here the list of Krishna mantras. Lord Krishna mantras can help you get rid of obstacles you are facing in your life.

navgrah mantra

Navagraha Mantra

Navagraha mantra – All 9 planets have very powerful impact on our life. To get blessings of all 9 planets, here is navagraha mantra which will help you reduce the malefic effects of planets.

baglamukhee mata

Baglamukhi Mantra

Baglamukhi Mantra – You can get rid of enemies and win in litigation by chanting Baglamukhi mantra. There are many other benefits also.

laxmi mantra

Lakshmi Mantra

Lakshmi Mantra – Chanting Lakshmi mantra regularly can give you a good and prosperous life. You can get a good amount of wealth. Know here the benefits and chanting method of Lakshmi mantra.

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