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Shubh Muhurat for Buying Car/Bike in 2023: Car buying shubh muhurat in 2023

As per Hinduism, any auspicious event should be performed during the Shubh Muhurat. Various muhurats are available in the Hindu calendar such as muhurat for marriage, Griha Pravesh, Mundan, and even buying a new car or vehicle. The ritual states that purchasing a vehicle at an auspicious time adds peace and prosperity to the person’s life and reduces the risk of unwanted or unforeseen events. For personal to commercial purposes, muhurats are available for all vehicles, including cars, bikes, trucks, etc. If you want to buy a motorcycle, car, or scooter, you can see the auspicious time for purchasing a vehicle in 2023. All in all, sometimes additional security can be ensured when you buy the vehicle at an auspicious time hence these muhurats become important.

Most of us hope to own a car at some point in our life. It is more than a dream but now a statement to have a vehicle of your own. Today, vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. And it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive the vehicle is, Indians, particularly Hindus, make sure to contact a pandit ji or astrologer to determine the most auspicious time to buy the same.

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Why is it important to know the ideal time to get a new car and the ideal Nakshatra or constellation to do so? Does the lucky time to purchase a car matter? Yes, it provides the solution. So, before owning a car, one must be informed of the vehicle buying muhurat. You may use this article to determine when it’s lucky to purchase a car in 2023.

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Auspicious time to buy car/bike in January 2023

4 January 2023, WednesdayFrom 07:15 to 5 January 00:00Rohini, MrigashirshTrayodashi
15 January 2023, Sunday07:15 to 19:45ChitraAshtami
18 January 2023, Wednesday07:15 to 16:03AnuradhaEkadashi
23 January 2023, MondayFrom 18:43 to 24 January 07:13,Dhanishta, ShatabhishaTritiya
26 January 2023, Thursdayfrom 18:57 to 27 January, 07:12RevathiShashthi

Shubh muhurat to buy car in February 2023

1 February 2023 Wednesday07:10 to 14:01MrigashirshaEkadashi
3 February 2023 Friday07:08 to 18:57PunarvasuTrayodashi
5 February 2023 Sunday07:07 to 12:13PushyaPurnima
10 February 2023, Fridayfrom 07:58 to 11 February 07:03Hasta, ChitraPanchami
27 February 2023, Mondayfrom 06:49 to 28 February 02:21RohiniAshtami

Auspicious time to buy car/bike in March 2023

2 March 2023 Thursdayfrom 12:43 to 3 March 06:45PunarvasuEkadashi
9 March 2023 Thursdayfrom 20:54 to 10 March 06:37HastaTritiya
10 March 2023 Fridayfrom 06:37 to 21:42ChitraTritiya
13 March 2023, Mondayfrom 08:21 to 21:27AnuradhaShashthi
19 March 2023, Sundayfrom 08:07 to 20 March 04:55Dhanishta, ShatabhishaTrayodashi
26 March 2023 Sundayfrom 14:01 to 27 March 06:18RohiniPanchami, Shashthi
27 March 2023, Mondayfrom 06:18 to 17:27Rohini, MrigashiraShashthi
31 March 2023, Fridayfrom 06:13 to 01 April 01:57PushyaDashami

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Car/bike buying Shubh muhurat in April 2023

5 April 2023 Wednesdayfrom 1:23 to 06 April 06:06HastaPurnima
6 April 2023 Thursdayfrom 06:06 to 07 April 06:05HastaPurnima, Pratipada
7 April 2023 Friday06:05 to 10:20ChitraPratipada
10 April 2023, Monday08:37 to 13:39AnuradhaPanchami
16 April 2023, Sunday05:55 to 18:14ShatabhishaEkadashi
24 April 2023, Mondayfrom 08:24 to 25 April 02:07MrigashiraPanchami
26 April 2023, Wednesday05:45 to 11:27PunarvasuShashthi
27 April 2023, Thursdayfrom 13:38 to 28 April 05:43PushyaAshtami
28 April 2023, Friday05:43 to 09:53PushyaAshtami

Auspicious time to buy car/bike in May 2023

3 May 2023 Wednesday05:39 to 23:49Hasta, ChitraTrayodashi
5 May 2023 Friday05:38 to 21:40SwatiPurnima
12 May 2023 Friday09:06 to 13 May 05:32Shravan, DhanishtaAshtami
14 May 2023, Sunday05:31 to 10:16ShatabhishaDashami
22 May 2023, Monday05:27 to 10:37MrigashiraTritiya
24 May 2023, Wednesday05:26 to 25 May 05:26Punarvasu, PushyaPanchami, Shashthi
25 May 2023, Thursday05:26 to 17:54PushyaShashthi
31 May 2023, Wednesday05:24 to 13:45ChitraEkadashi

Shubh muhurat to buy car/bike in June 2023

June 1, 2023, Thursday13:39 to 02 June 05:24SwatiTrayodashi
8 June 2023 Thursday05:23 to 09 June 05:23Shravana, DhanishtaPanchami, Shashthi
9th June 2023, Friday05:23 to 16:20DhanishtaShashthi
12 June 2023 Monday13:49 to 13 June 05:23RevatiDashami
21 June 2023 Wednesday05:24 to 15:09PushyaTritiya
26th June 2023 , Monday12:44 to 27 June 02:04HastaAshtami
28 June 2023 Wednesday05:26 to 29 June 05:26Chitra, SwatiDashami, Ekadashi
29 June 2023, Thursday05:26 to 16:30SwatiEkadashi

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Best time to buy car in July 2023

5th July 2023, Wednesdayfrom 10:02 to 06 July 02:56Shravana, DhanishtaTritiya
7 July 2023, Friday05:29 to 22:16ShatabhishaPanchami
9 July 2023, Sundayfrom 19:59 to 10 July 05:30RevatiAshtami
10 July 2023, Monday05:30 to18:43RevatiAshtami
14th July 2023, Friday19:17 to 15 July 05:33Rohini, MrigashirshaTrayodashi

Auspicious time to buy car/bike in August 2023

21 August 2023, Monday05:53 to 22 August 05:54ChitraPanchami, Shashthi
24 August 2023, Thursday09:04 to 25 August 03:10AnuradhaAshtami
30 August 2023, Wednesday10:58 to 31 August 05:58Dhanishta, ShatabhishaPurnima
31 August 2023, Thursday05:58 to 17:45ShatabhishaPratipada

Shubh muhurat to purchase car/bike in September 2023

6 September 2023, Wednesday15:37 to 07 September 06:02RohiniAshtami
7 September 2023, Thursday06:02 to 16:14Rohini, MrigashiraAshtami
10 September 2023, Sunday06:03 to 21:28Punarvasu, PushyaEkadashi
17 September 2023, Sunday1:08 to 18 September 06:07ChitraTritiya
18 September 2023, Monday06:07 to 12:39ChitraTritiya
20 September 2023, Wednesday14:59 to 21 September 06:09AnuradhaShashthi
21 September 2023, Thursday06:09 to 14:14AnuradhaShashthi
25 September 2023, Monday11:55 to 26 September 05:00ShravanEkadashi
27 September 2023, Wednesday06:12 to 22:18ShatabhishaTrayodashi

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Car buying muhurat October 2023

23 October 2023, Monday17:44 to 24 October 06:27DhanishtaDashami
25 October 2023, Wednesday06:28 to 12:32ShatabhishaEkadashi

Shubh muhurat to buy car/bike in November 2023

1 November 2023, Wednesday21:19 to 02 November 04:36MrigashirshaPanchami
3 November 2023 Friday06:34 to 23:07PunarvasuShashthi
10 November 2023, Friday12:35 to 11 November 06:40Hasta, ChitraTrayodashi
20 November 2023, Monday06:47 to 21 November 03:16Dhanishta, ShatabhishaAshtami
27 November 2023, Monday13:35 to 28 November 06:54RohiniPurnima, Pratipada

Auspicious time to buy car/bike in December 2023

1 December 2023 Friday15:31 to 02 December 06:57Punarvasu, PushyaPanchami
7 December 2023 Thursday07:01 to 08 December 07:01HastaDashami, Ekadashi
8 December 2023, Friday07:01 to 09 December 06:31Hasta, ChitraEkadashi
10 December 2023, Sunday07:13 to 11:50SwatiTrayodashi
17 December 2023, Sunday07:07 to 18 December 07:08Dhanishta, ShatabhishaPanchami, Shashthi
18 December 2023, Monday07:08 to 15:13ShatabhishaShashthi
21 December 2023, Thursday09:37 to 22:09RevatiDashami
24 December 2023, Sundayfrom 21:19 to 25 December 05:54RohiniTrayodashi
29 December 2023, Fridayfrom 07:59 to 30 December 03:10PushyaTritiya

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Why buy a vehicle during Shubh Muhurat?

Considering the auspicious time to buy any items leads to attracting the positive energy of the planets. As per astrology, each day of the week denotes a planet. For instance, Sunday is the day of the Sun, Monday is the day of the Moon, and Saturday is the day of Saturn. Similarly, these planets strongly support certain things along with distinct characteristics. For example, Venus is the planet of love and takes care of everything related to love and romance in your life. So if you wish to propose to someone, you must ensure that the planet Venus is in a favourable position in your horoscope on that particular day to get the best results. Likewise, when buying a vehicle, you need to ensure that the planetary combinations are suitable.

According to astrology, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury’s presence favours vehicle purchasing. Likewise, planets Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn are not favourable for buying a vehicle with intense phases.

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Shubh Muhurat – Tithi, Nakshatra, Ascendant and Day Analysis

  • Swati, Punarvasu, Dhanishta and Satabhisha Nakshatras are best for buying a new car or any other vehicle. These four constellations are also considered auspicious for driving a vehicle for the first time. One can also prefer other Nakshatra for buying a vehicle.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday are favourable days for buying vehicles. In addition to that, the most fortunate of these days is Friday.
  • Prathama, Tritiya, Panchami, Shashti, Dashami, Ekadashi, Trayodashi, and Purnima Tithi are considered auspicious for purchasing a car or any other vehicle. Nevertheless, one must not buy a car on Amavasya/new-moon Tithi.
  • Moon should not be placed in the Sixth, Eighth, and Twelfth House in your kundli on the day of vehicle purchase. Moreover, the ruler planet’s position in the Fourth House and Venus’s placement in a person’s Horoscope must be evaluated while making the decision.

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Avoid buying a vehicle at Rahu Kaal period

According to Vedic astrology, Rahu is a malefic planet, which shows terrible results on a person’s life. The nature of Rahu is to create trouble and hurdles during auspicious work. Therefore, an expert astrologer always suggests that no good work should be done during the Rahu period.

  • Activities started during this period of the position of Rahu in your Horoscope cannot conclude without any trouble and hassles.
  • During the Rahu kaal period, one should not buy a car, bike, another vehicle, house, jewellery, Etc.
  • One should also avoid buying or selling vehicles during Rahu Kaal.

Good days to buy vehicle as per astrology

If Shubh muhurat is not considered when buying a vehicle, it brings unnecessary trouble. Some particular days are considered auspicious for vehicle purchase, i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday. Vehicles should not be bought on Saturdays.

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According to the birth sign, the auspicious colour of your car

Every individual wishes to buy a car or vehicle of their desired colour. The suitable colour for you depends on the position of the planets and constellations in the horoscope of the native.

Aries- Blue or similar coloured cars are lucky for the people of this zodiac sign. Don’t buy a black and brown coloured vehicle.

Taurus- White and cream-coloured vehicles are propitious for the people of Taurus. Avoid yellow and pink coloured vehicles.

Gemini- It is beneficial for the people of Gemini to buy a green or cream-coloured vehicle.

Cancer- People of this zodiac should buy a black, yellow, or red car, as this colour is propitious for them.

Leo- The people of the Leo zodiac should buy Grey or similar coloured, as this coloured vehicle benefits them.

Virgo- It will be fruitful to buy a vehicle of white or blue colour for the people of this zodiac sign. Nevertheless, they should avoid buying a red coloured car.

Libra- Cars of black or brown colour are considered auspicious for the people of the Libra zodiac.

Scorpio- The people of this zodiac should buy a vehicle of white colour. Despite this, they should avoid a black coloured cars or any other vehicle.

Sagittarius- A silver or red colour car is auspicious for the people of Sagittarius. But they should not buy black and blue vehicles.

Capricorn- White, Grey, and slate-coloured vehicles benefit the people of this zodiac sign.

Aquarius- Aquarius people should buy a white, grey, or blue coloured car or other vehicles.

Pisces- Yellow, orange, or golden colour cars are auspicious for the people of the Pisces sign.

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