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Ketu Mantra: Meaning, Significance and Benefits

Ketu is usually viewed as a “shadow” planet. It is supposed to have a remarkable impact on human lives and also on the creation as a whole. In some extraordinary circumstances it helps someone achieve the pinnacle of fame. Ketu is often depicted with a gem or star on his head signifying a mysterious and cosmic light. He is as aforementioned a shadow planet or chaya grah, and behaves quite likewise. It acts in a similar fashion as the planet of Mars.

It is friendly with Mercury, Saturn and Venus. Its prime enemies are the Moon, the Sun, Mars, and it is neutral with Jupiter. Ketu is mostly associated with detachment, mindlessness, moksha and spirituality. Rahu and Ketu are half-bodied; Rahu with the upper half and Ketu with the lower half. So, individually, each of the shadow planet’s forms is incomplete, which symbolises their never-ending quest for satisfaction and fulfilment. It is supposed to represent the lack of balance that they each suffer from.

While Rahu only gives and gives, Ketu only takes. While Rahu can be incredibly attached to materials, Ketu cares for none. They both are incomplete in their own ways and are seeking fulfilment in some sense. While Ketu is a malefic planet it is also considered with taking someone on a quest to meet the highest truth and relevance. In order to rise above the materials, Ketu is known to take from the possessor’s worldly pleasures so they are able to look above it all.

Ketu is a very mysterious planet, he has an extreme influence over humans. He is the accountant of Karmic cycles and maintains the goods and the bads one has committed in their lives. If benefic Ketu can produce the best of magicians, exorcists, military commanders, militants, healers, masters of occult, spies, ascetics, hermits, writers of spiritual texts, donors, philanthropists, interpreters of the Vedic texts and mantras, architect. However if negative it can produce psychopaths, serial killers, thieves, hypocrites, animal hunters and executioners.

Ketu Mantra

Ketu Mantra: How do they help

Ketu mantra in Vedic astrology helps invoke the powers of the planet Ketu and relates closely with this planetary deity. When you chant this mantra regularly for a certain period of time, they shall possess protection from the evil spirits and win over the enemies to get rid of all the malefic or adverse impacts in the best way possible. All the Ketu mantras in astrology help you seek sudden results and have perception and liberation about life and wisdom. You become sensitive and understand life in a more genuine concentrated manner.

How to chant Ketu mantra

Ketu is generally known as the shadow planet and is believed to have an intense impact on the horoscope of the people. When you chant the Ketu mantra, you shall wear off negativities from your life. However, to seek the benefits of the mantra, you must chant it appropriately. To chant the Ketu mantras, you must follow the mentioned pointers.

  • Recite the mantra using Japa mala 108 times. Japa mala is similar to rosaries. Therefore, using it to recite these mantras would be helpful.
  • When you chant the Ketu mantra reciting 18,000 times and Pooja prior to chanting the mantra with flowers and sandalwood would enhance the results.
  • If you begin chanting the Ketu mantra within the ascending cycle of the Moon, starting on Tuesday, it shall be appropriate for those who chant it.
  • Moreover, if you chant it in front of Maha-Mrityunjaya yantra, shall give you desired results faster.

Important Ketu Mantras

1. Ketu Beej Mantra

Ketu Beej mantra in Vedic astrology helps people in creating a whole new perspective about themselves. Removing the power of discrimination, this mantra in astrology also aids people to become better at occult sciences and tantra vidya. You shall attain spiritual knowledge and achieve the zenith of fame. When you recite this Ketu mantra regularly, you shall see tremendous impacts on your life. Especially if you are under the Ketu Mahadasha, you shall become better at material wealth, and your reputation shall improve for the best. A mysterious light of wisdom also bestows upon the natives who recite the Ketu Beej Mantra on a daily basis.

The Ketu Beej mantras are:

ॐ श्रम श्रीं सरं सह केतवे नमः ||

Om Sraam Sreem Sraum Sah Ketave Namah

ॐ केम केतवे नमः ||

Om Kem Ketve Namah

ॐ हम केतवे नमः ||

Om Hum Kem Ketave Namah

Meaning- Om, I bow down to Ketu.

Benefits of chanting Ketu Beej mantra
  • Chanting the Ketu Beej mantra shall enhance your interest in ashrams, knowledge, and psychic things. You may feel a drift towards isolation. However, it would make you a master of wisdom and help you let go of unwanted desires.
  • With that, this Ketu mantra will also keep you away from discrimination and similar factors and help you with spiritual knowledge.
  • It helps you differentiate between what is wrong and what is right, aiding in proper decision-making skills.
  • Moreover, it makes you an expert in tantras and occult sciences. With a drift towards these fields, you also gain the power to use these skills wisely.
Best time to recite the Ketu Beej mantraBegin on a Tuesday, during Shukla Paksha
Number of times to chant this mantra18,000 times for best results
Who can recite the Ketu Beej mantra?Anyone
Chant this mantra facingGod ketu idol or picture

2. Ketu Gayatri Mantra

Ketu Gayatri mantra is a strong mantra that is ideal for people who have issues and troubles related to planet Ketu in their horoscope. If natives chant this mantra regularly, it would be meritorious for them. Keeping you away from the evil mind and off from the bad eyes of the people, you would also become prosperous and healthy in your life. This mantra is highly auspicious for the people who are facing the negativities of the planet in their lives.

The Ketu Gayatri mantras are:

ॐ चित्रवर्णय विद्माहे, सरपरूपाय धिमहि, तन्नो केतु प्रचोदयात॥

Om Chitravarnaya vidhmahe, sarparoopaya dhimahi, tanno Ketu Prachodayat

ॐ पद्म-पुत्राय विदमहे अमृतेशाय धीमहि तन्नो केतुः प्रचोदयात्॥

Om Padam Putray Vidhmahe Amriteshaay Dheemahi Tanno Ketu Prachodyat

ॐ गद्दाह्स्ताय विद्महे अमृतेशाय धीमहि तन्न: केतु: प्रचोदयात॥

Om Gaddahstaay Vidhmahe Amrateshaay Dheemahi Tannho Ketu Prachodyat

ॐ अश्वाध्वजाय विद्महे शूलाहस्ताय धीमहि तन्नो केतु: प्रचोदयात॥

Om Aswadhwajaaya Vidmahae Shoola Hastaaya Dheemahi Tanno Ketu Prachodayaat

Meaning- Om, let me meditate on him who has horse in his flag. Oh, He who has a trident in his hand, give me higher intellect, and let Ketu illuminate my mind.

Benefits of chanting Ketu Gayatri Mantra
  • This mantra is helpful to people who are under the adverse Mahadasha of Ketu. You would be away from troubles and adversities during this time.
  • Chanting this mantra regularly will help you attract courage and fame in life.
  • You shall be away from skin-related diseases and accidents. Also, you would not be around any severe troubles and ailments.
  • With the regular recitation of this mantra, you shall also attract success, wealth, and sudden gains.
  • You shall also become better in terms of reputation and regain your lost status in society and the people around you.
  • Relationship-wise, you would become better at understanding it and recover from any misunderstandings between you and your partner.
Best time to recite Ketu Gayatri mantraBegin on a Tuesday, during Shukla Paksha
Number of times to chant this mantra17,000 times
Who can recite Ketu Gayatri mantra?Anyone
Chant this mantra facingMaha-Mrityunjaya yantra or Ketu idol

3. Ketu Puranokta Mantra

The Puranokta mantras are the ones that have been in existence for a long time. People who recite these mantras possess a close connection with deities. Ketu Puranokta mantra provides a clear picture to the natives and keeps them away from adversities. This Ketu mantra helps people address themselves better and help people trace their life path better and more intensely. In different contexts, the Ketu Puranokta mantra is of variable importance.

The Ketu Puranokta mantra is:

पलास पुष्पा संकासम – तारकग्रह मस्तकाम्

रौध्राम रौध्रथमाकम गोरम – थम केथुम प्रणामम् याहं॥

Palaasa Pushpa Sankaasam – Thaarakagraha Masthakam

Rowdhram Rowdhraathmakam Go’ram – Tham Kethum PranamaamYaham

Benefits of Ketu Puranokta mantra
  • The Ketu Puranokta mantra helps natives achieve the zenith of wealth.
  • If you regularly recite this mantra, you would see yourself become an effortless discriminator. You shall easily understand what must be done and what you must avoid.
  • Knowledge regarding mystical studies will improve. Moreover, you shall become a master and tantras and mantras.
  • Recovering from loss-like situations would wear off, which would make you achieve better things in life.
Best time to recite Ketu Gayatri mantraBegin on a Tuesday, during Shukla Paksha
Number of times to chant this mantra7,000 times in 11 days
Who can recite Ketu Gayatri mantra?Anyone
Chant this mantra facingKetu idol or picture

Overall benefits of Ketu mantras

  • If a person has malefic Ketu in his/her horoscope, he/she will have to bear various mis-happenings brought by the wrong positioning of planet Ketu in his/her birth chart. In this case they are suggested to chant Ketu Mantra to appease the lord Ketu.
  • If a native is undergoing Ketu dasha, he faces uncertainty, loss of direction, loss of wealth and even loss of marital happiness, in this case Ketu Mantra are useful in mitigating harmful effects.
  • Any person chanting Ketu mantras with utmost dedication and devotion will receive blessings and protection of Ketu. The planet will not affect them adversely if they continue to seek his blessings and appease them.
  • Chanting these mantras will nullify the negative effects of malefic Ketu so chanting of Ketu Mantras is especially recommended for people who have negative effects of the Ketu planet in their birth chart.
  • Ketu leads people away from worldly habits. If one is looking to give up negative habits like alcohol, drugs and smoking, chanting of Ketu Mantras can be very effective for them.
  • Ketu leads people away from social vices and his worship especially through the chanting of Mantras will help one accomplish that.
  • Ketu mantra recitation helps one achieve a higher level of wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. He stops one’s preoccupation with material possessions and helps them look beyond the immediate gratification of needs.
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